Precious One Giveaway Ended… Winners are…

My sweet Wesley thanks you for your very generous contributions to his adoption grant.
My sweet Wesley thanks you for your very generous contributions to his adoption grant.

Before i announce the winners, i would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all the generous donors and to everyone who has shared Wesley‘s story to the world. You guys and gals have made a difference to the life of Wesley, a special needs orphan, who is now no longer unnoticed, no longer uncared for because you all have cared for him, you all have been mindful of him and his needs and have put his needs above yours.


Now for some numbers.

Wesley started with only US$252.50 in his adoption grant on 30th October 2012 which was when this Precious One Giveaway was started. When the contributions came in that first day, i was so very happy. Then things sort of stalled and i wondered why. i wondered what else i could do. i thought i would make little cards to hand out to people to raise awareness. But God had other plans. He inspired me, gave me courage to start writing personal appeal letters. That first day i sent out to about 14 people. They so wonderfully pushed Wesley’s fund to just below US$500, which was our initial target. Encouraged, i raised the target to US$1000 and went on to send out more letters of appeal. Everyday a couple of people would respond. i was in awe as i watched God move hearts and hands for Wesley. Then there were a few days with no responses. i was a little sad but not worried as i knew a few people were considering their contribution amounts. Then a few more responded and then a big donation and then a bigger one came in and that pushed Wesley over the US$1000 mark! i was thrilled to bits.

i am so happy to report that Wesley‘s adoption grant (at time of writing) is at US$1199.00. That’s a total of US$946.50 raised by all of you in just 5 weeks!

Once again, THANK YOU to both donors and sharers of Wesley‘s story. Building awareness is half the job.

Now onto the winners:

All contributors were given a certain amount of entries based on the amount they contributed and also when they share Wesley‘s story. (Some have declined to be included in this draw as they felt that wasn’t why they donated, others felt the postage costs should go to Wesley instead of into sending them a gift. Still others have declined to be even named.) Each entry is given a number. i have used to generate three random numbers and these are the winners.

1) Swarovski Silver Crystal Figurine – Dog. = Brenda Tham

2) Swarovski Jeweler’s Collection – Mouse Pin/Brooch. = Jamie Rachel

3) Semi-Precious Stones Charm Bracelet. = Carol Ho

i will be contacting the winners via Facebook PM or email.

If you have considered donating to Wesley, but have missed this Giveaway, i pray that you would still go ahead and donate. The total costs of an international adoption from Wesley‘s region is between US$30,000 to US$45,000. So even though we have made a small dent in his adoption grant, much more is still needed for a family to finally, legally call him their own.

If you would, i also ask you to consider giving to one of these families who are adoption from Asia, the region where Wesley lives in. Please see my post entitled, All for Asia to find out more about these adopting families and their needs. They also have many giveaways and auctions you can take part in to help them raise funds to bring home their children.

If you want to help even more special needs orphans, please check out Julia’s wonderful BIG Giveaway here. She has some wonderful prizes and she is aiming to help all the orphans on Angel Tree this festive season. Please do consider helping these precious ones as getting adopted would offer them a chance to live a full life.

Do continue to share Wesley‘s story and pray for him, his daily needs and most importantly, pray for his forever family to step forward and claim him as their own.

Please do also remember my little Heath, who (by God’s grace) has a full grant but is still waiting for his forever family. The place where Heath is in, is really not very good. They don’t have enough staff; ; i’m not sure that they even have enough to feed the children properly and most definitely no time or energy to do anything more than put what little food they have in front of the kids there; they don’t have anything (i truly mean absolutely nothing) except four walls, beds, tables and chairs. Please pray for Heath‘s daily needs to be met, pray for the other children in his institute too. Please for Heath‘s forever family to step forward and claim him as their own.

Thank you so much.


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