Racing to Love…

Does life not feel like a race? What are you racing towards or for?

Is this race of life worth the while? What have we to show for it at the end of the day?

If i may, i would like to answer that question. (This is my viewpoint of the world.)

At the end of this life’s race, i hope and pray that everyone who looks back on my life will see one thing – LOVE. They will see that i have loved to the best of my abilities. i am not born with the ability to love everyone in every situation unconditionally but knowing how unconditionally the Lord Jesus Christ and God the Father and the Holy Spirit loves me; that is what helps me to try my best to love; to love far and wide, just like God loves this whole world of human beings.

This world is so full of hurts and sorrows that sometimes it is hard to bear. (It is one of the reasons, years ago, i stopped reading newspapers.) But…

Luckily there is HOPE that conquers the fallen world we live in.  We don’t have to shoulder the world’s pain and burden.  We don’t have to mitigate the evil that surrounds us.  What we do have to do is TRUST in Jesus the savior, despite our pain and sorrow and fear.  His Love can heal the whole world and each of us is called to be a vessel of that saving and healing love. We can trust with Joy in the sovereignty and providence of Almighty God.  He has every single orphan and every person who is hungry or homeless or oppressed or afraid in His sights and has a plan of salvation for each and every one.

The above quote is from Mission Adoption’s post called Racing to Love. (i borrowed the title.)

My sweet Wesley thanks you for your contributions. Please keep them coming!

i am now on a mini-race; a race to help a boy named Wesley, Wesley whose story brings me pain, yet he survived and is even a light of gentleness in his sad situation. You can read more about him here.

Yes, there are sooo very many orphans, so how is helping just one orphan going to make a difference to the whole orphan situation in the world? Well, if you have read the Starfish story in my ‘Precious One Giveaway for Wesley’ post, then you will understand that it will make a difference to Wesley and that is what matters, it will matter to him. We can’t save the whole wide world but we can do our very small part to make it a better place, even for just one person. Then we would have shared God’s love with that person, we would have loved to the best of our abilities.

“We know only too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drop were not there, the ocean would be missing something.”  Mother Theresa

So would you join me in this mini-race and race to love Wesley? Show Wesley love by increasing his chances of finding a family. You can help him by sharing his story and the Precious One Giveaway. You can contribute to his adoption grant which would lift the financial burden of his forever family when they come for him. Click on his name or picture to contribute directly. You can pray for him; for his daily needs and for his forever family to find him real soon.

Right now, as i ask you to partner with me in loving Wesley, i would also like to THANK all the wonderfully generous donors who have contributed and i’m happy to report that Wesley‘s adoption grant stands at US$618.50 (at time of writing). Just a little under US$400 to go to meet our target of US$1000 and 12 days more to the end of the Giveaway.

i would also like to THANK every single person who has shared Wesley‘s story and this Giveaway. Spreading the word and building awareness is really half the job and this is the way we hope and pray that Wesley‘s family can be found.

Thank you all for caring.


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