Nano 2012 Over…


Yep, today is the 1st of December… which means the 30 days of writing 50,000 words is over… Nanowrimo for 2012 is over…

So how did i do? Horribly!! 

i was unwell for a week or more in November which meant no words for those days and i just couldn’t get back into writing as much so that made catching up on wordcount difficult… very difficult… sigh!

i have had my worst wordcount in all my 5 years of taking part in Nanowrimo… officially i’m at 13,835 but i did write more on the last day but didn’t bother to update the wordcount… i have on file 15, 124 words…

Anyhow, it’s over… i still like the story (still to be finished) i wrote, i still like the characters so i will continue to write it but not just yet…

Here are some suggestions from The Write Practice about what to do after Nano

My favourite is:

3. Read

Speaking of things you missed out on during November, now that you’re not writing feverishly, why not read a book? Reading may spark new ideas for your novel or it may just be a good way to stay connected with your literary side.

The danger here is that you might compare your NaNoWriMo novel to what you’re reading and get discouraged. Don’t be afraid to read, but don’t feel the need to compare your work in progress to published literature.

So what are you doing in December?


4 Replies to “Nano 2012 Over…”

  1. Congrats! That’s still 15k more words than you had, and a new project started that you want to continue, so that’s progress in my book!

    I was in the same boat. I was doing an extended Nano (6 weeks) and life, as it always does for me, just happened. November is just an awful month for me to attempt such a project. Too many birthdays and other social obligations.

    I ended up with a new project fully planned out and 10k words written, over 6 weeks time so you beat me!! Well done 🙂


    1. Thanks my dear. Congrats to u too! i know how well u plan out your projects & i’m sure you’ll be able to keep working on it 😉 after the Christmas holidays that is… hehhehe 😉


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