Happy World Down Syndrome Day!…

i have always noticed children, especially children who are different, all throughout my growing up years and more so now. i have always been attracted to these children and that has not changed.

A number of years ago, I was introduced into the heart-breaking yet amazingly loving world of special needs orphans and it was through an organisation which was started by a lady who realised that her own son who has Down Syndrome is so lucky to be born where he was because there were countries where these beautiful children were abandoned, just for having that extra chromosome.

Yet for having that extra chromosome, whatever they may lack in mental and social skills, it is truly made up for by the super-loving and caring nature of these radiant souls who carry so much love inside of them, they simply overflow with it.

Watch this video! i was so moved by the love expressed by these mothers for their brilliant children.

The children in the video are so loved but there are many more in developing countries who are not loved, not cared for as they should be. Reece’s Rainbow is an organisation which does it’s best to highlight the needs of these special needs orphans, many with Down Syndrome as well as with other needs.

Today is the last day of 21 Days of Hope fundraiser by Reece’s Rainbow to raise funds for a child of the day and for their older child adoption grant pot which goes to help families give these orphans a loving home they so deserve. Do hop over and give a little. Thank you.


Saying Farewell… Angel Crafts Shop…

farewellAC20170922This is a blue post.

i have thought about this heartbreaking decision for months now. It was not easy to come to this decision but it is one which has to be made.

The facts are; i have had no sales at all for many months now and i am finding less motivation as well as less time to craft the items needed to stock the shop. Also there is the time and know-how to do the online marketing, which i have realised i am seriously lacking in.

All that means is i have not been able to contribute to any orphans’ adoption grant at all, which makes me very sad.

So as of Saturday, 21st October 2017, at 12.01am, Swiss time, Angel Crafts Shop will be closed.

The current online shop will remain open until then. Everything is at 50%. Please do shop and help to give one last amount to the orphans on Reece’s Rainbow through this last sale at Angel Crafts Shop.

Any stock which remains unsold will be used for future fundraising projects for orphans.

i want to thank all my very loyal and encouraging supporters. You guys and gals have made it a lovely experience and have made it worthwhile. Thank you so very very much. Thank you for being so kind and supportive!

i do hope that you will all support my future fundraising efforts, which will mostly likely be on my Facebook account.


Birthday Giving… Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign…

This past weekend was my birthday. i don’t like telling people about my birthday; not because i don’t want people to know or to send their well wishes, i am fine with that, but i feel embarrassed by the attention, sometimes, especially if it is a group setting.

i spent a good deal of the weekend thinking about ANDERSEN, my special needs orphan, for whom i am fundraising for and building awareness for this Christmas season.

andersonYou see my fundraising efforts for him has not been going well. It is just past the halfway mark in terms of amount of time i have to raise that US$1000 for him, and we are nowhere close to the target!

i thought about ANDERSEN and whether people make a fuss on his birthday; does he get people stopping him as he walks down the corridors of his orphanage wishing him well? Are the caregivers there able to give him a little celebration at all? Does he get sad every time it is his birthday because it may remind him that he doesn’t have a family to celebrate with?

Then i thought about Christmas and wondered if ANDERSEN knew about Christmas. And if he did, what did he know about Christmas? Does he know only the commercial type of Christmas where it is all about shopping and getting gifts? OR does he know that Christmas is because of CHRIST? Does he know about the precious gift which God gave us at Christmas?

All these thoughts made me sad but it has also made me determined to get more people talking about ANDERSEN and his need for a forever family. It has also made me decide to ask for direct donations for ANDERSEN‘s adoption grant. 

i have not asked for direct donations to any orphan’s grant for the last couple of years because people had not responded very well. But i really feel i should this year; partly because i am not sure what else i can do, partly because i know i have friends who would respond positively and give whatever they can.

So i am making an appeal here and now: PLEASE consider this Christmas season, as we think about gift giving and gift receiving, consider GIVING to ANDERSEN‘s adoption grant and helping to grow his adoption grant. Think of it as giving me a really lovely birthday gift. If you give more than US$35, you would receive a lovely Christmas ornament with ANDERSEN‘s picture on it. Click here to give.

This grant would be used to help his forever family make their way to him; adoption is a long, expensive process, and money should not be the thing which hinders a family from giving a child a loving home.

Please also SHARE ANDERSEN‘s need and story so that more people can help and you never know, someone out there might read your post and come forward as his forever family. Do also PRAY for ANDERSEN.

You can find out more about ANDERSEN by clicking on his name or picture to go to his profile page on Reece’s Rainbow.

Please also remember that shopping at my online shop, Angel Crafts Shop, where i contribute 50% of every sale to ANDERSEN‘s grant would also help.

Thank you very much.