The Birthday Show…

So it was my birthday 5 days ago and God’s gift to me was getting Wesley over that US$1000 mark and i still have people asking if they can donate even though the Giveaway is over. Praise the Lord!

Well, i had planned to celebrate with my family by going to an orchestral performance of songs from Pirates of the Caribbean. We love the movies. Unfortunately, the only tickets left for the date we could make were single seats in different categories. So that was out.

i sobbed to poor Husband who then brilliantly found another show we could go watch. Not a musical performance but a variety/circus type show, with magic and acrobats and comedians. It was the Swiss Christmas show in Zürich.

i only had my handphone with me, so have very poor pictures and have no pictures of the performances as photography was not allowed.

They had built a great big tent on an open ground, near the theatre in Zürich. There was is a coat check at the door (if you don’t mind paying CHF2 per coat). A corridor then leads into a great big foyer, elaborately decorated in white and purple. There was a dining area for the people who paid for the evening Dinner and Show. You could also have food and drinks and of course popcorn there. See pictures of these areas on their website here.

Here we are in our seats before the start of the show:

Camera 360Here’s the stage, not huge but enough, i was very amazed at how the stage can be transformed for all the different acts:

Camera 360All the acts were great but we each have our favourites. Tobias liked the magician’s acts (Peter Marvey), which were big numbers and quite spectacular. Walter liked the Swedish group (Balagans) with the acrobatic see-saw act. i liked the trapeze act (Shulman Group), such precision.

i also like how they weave in a theme (Diamond Illusion) had the comedians (Rolf Schmid, Irene and Roland Hofer) and singer (Evelin Suter) carry that throughout the whole show.

The show runs till 31st December so there maybe time to still catch a show if you are interested. They have family prices for the afternoon matinée which is the one we went to.

*Happy* Thank you my darling husband *muah*


4 Replies to “The Birthday Show…”

    1. i knew the tickets would go fast but i had no choice but to wait till we were certain husband was definitely going to be here… dislike his last minute travel schedules…


      1. Yes it does… but i’m just used to it… sometimes he tells us to just book it without him & if he is here & there is another ticket for sale, then he will come with us, otherwise just the boy & i go…


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