Down Syndrome… A Blessing…

Yes that’s right having that extra chromosome is a blessing… not just to the person who has it but to everyone involved in that extra special person’s life.

Since joining Reece’s Rainbow some 9 months ago as a prayer warrior and advocate for special needs orphans, it has been a delight to my ears to hear children having loving families come for them, even better than that, my ears ring with joy, when i hear not just how the child is blessed but how each and every member of the family who adopted a Down Syndrome child (or a child with other special needs) are so blessed by the new addition. How it has changed their perspective in life, for the better. How much happiness has entered their lives since they brought home their extra special child.

Now i’m only speaking from what i know, what i have heard. But here are some blessings of having a child with Down Syndrome and their accompanying numbers from three surveys conducted by doctors at Children’s Hospital in Boston.

Among 2,044 parents or guardians surveyed, 79 percent reported their outlook on life was more positive because of their child with Down syndrome…

…among siblings ages 12 and older, 97 percent expressed feelings of pride about their brother or sister with Down syndrome and 88 percent were convinced they were better people because of their sibling with Down syndrome.

You have an opportunity now to help one of these children with that extra wonderful chromosome.

Meet Carter.

Sweet Carter is waiting for his forever family.

Unlike the children who have taken part in the above surveys, Carter has no loving family who could give him the care and support he needs to live his life to the fullest of his abilities. He is an orphan. And in his country children with special needs are not regarded with the same eyes, they are seen as less than worthy.

But he is worthy. Every life is worthy and should be given every opportunity to take life head on and raise above all the ups and downs which make up life itself. He is worthy, simply because God made him the way he is; extra special. But he needs your help to have these opportunities.

You can help Carter by sharing his story so that his forever family might find him and come to bring him home. You can help Carter by praying for him and his daily needs, and most importantly, for his loving family to be found.

Having enough funds would be the biggest burden his forever family would have, so Carter‘s Angel Tree Warrior is having a wonderful Christmas for Carter Giveaway where you can get a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy 2 Tablet, a LeapPad 2 bundle, and lots of other awesome prizes! Please see here for details. You can also follow the extra special fundraiser for 4 other orphans run by the same advocate on this Facebook page.

If you feel led to, you can also give directly towards Carter‘s adoption grant (which would greatly help his forever family to reach him easier). You can do that here, or click on his name or picture to go to his profile page.

Thank you very much.


PS: i found out about the above mentioned surveys from this blog post: Mostly True Stuff: My Angry Down Syndrome Awareness Post.. She made some really interesting points, please do go over and read the whole post.

6 Replies to “Down Syndrome… A Blessing…”

  1. so excited to find you on here! thank you so much for stopping by my wordpress blog, i still dont know what im doing over here yet…i am so used to blogger as a platform! love your work for Wesley and yes i would love to join you in praying for him! I am also going to add him into my forget-me-not Friday gallery. It will mean his face will be posted every single friday on my blog during my bloghop linkup! I have spaces to add new kiddies as Tabitha and victoria and penelope have fund families…i have been waiting to see who i am led to to add…the minute i landed here i just knew it was wesley! Do stop by and say hi and link up as well!!

    you also should visit Positive Exposure they have some truly beautiful pictures of people with albinism…they also have a fab SMith Magenis Syndrome gallery (my eldest daughter has this!)

    i love this post, my daughter is a blessing as well xxxxx


    1. HI Jane,
      Thanks so much for stopping by & commenting… thanks for adding Wesley to your Friday gallery – i’m so grateful for any exposure we can get for him…
      i have been following your blog for a while & love the work you do the Happy Children Home… i hope to be able to go over to U or one of those countries in a couple of years & actually help out on site…
      i’m not sure i understand how a link-up bloghop works? maybe you could tell me more? Thanks again for your encouraging words.


      1. OH HOW WONDERFUL…when you go to U would it be to 50 where i went? please keep me informed!

        A bloghop is so easy….on Friday i will post (in fact ive just been getting the post done today…can i link to your blog hon?)

        when my forget-me-not friday post appears, at the bottom of the post is a linky tool that says…’this is a bloghop click here to enter!’ Just clcik and it will bring up a box to enter your post URL (not your blog Url but the one for the post itself) just copy paste it and then click on whatever image you want from the post and thats it!!!! your post will then appear at the bottom of my post as a thumbnail for people to click on and also on the bottom of everybody else’s post who takes part! did that make sense….go look at an old Friday post here

        to get an idea! hop[e to see you on the flight platfrom xxxxxxxx


      2. Yes of course you can link to my blog 😀 Sounds easy enough… so i can link to any post from my blog? That’s great – i’ll try & do it tomorrow 😉


    1. Thank you Thank You Jane! i am so grateful Wesley is getting more exposure – i hope to be able to make Forget-Me-Not Friday a regular feature on my blog too…


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