Thank You So Much…New Target…

i would be greatly remiss to not say a huge THANK YOU to the very Generous Donors who contributed to Wesley‘s adoption grant on Thursday, 15th November.

If you had read my last post, it talked about me being ill and not being able to write for Nano. Well, what it didn’t say was that being ill also stopped me from going to my ladies’ bible study where i had hoped to hand out little cards asking people to take part in the Precious One Giveaway for Wesley. i had fifty cards prepared… that’s right 50! i had also hoped to hand out the cards at another ladies’ event tomorrow, but again, being still ill, i can’t be there. And the stack of cards is sitting on my table now, staring back at me.

There is an old Chinese saying:

人 算不如天算

which generally conveys the idea that we should leave it to God. (Literal translation: People count not like God count)

Wesley thanks his generous donors for growing his fund to US$495.50. Let’s make it to the US$1000 mark!

Here i was preparing this, that and the other so that i can get people to contribute to Wesley‘s adoption grant. But God had other plans. i fell ill and had to depend on Him. And He showed what a wonderful God He is!

i decided (more God-inspired, i would say) that i needed to do personal appeal letters to my friends as we had only 2 contributions after more than 2 weeks. Maybe people were not seeing my posts.

i wrote the letters while feeling ill and sent them out while ill, praying that God will just show me the right people to send the letter to. All it took was 3 hours for God to raise US$225 for Wesley‘s fund. (It may have been faster but i checked the fund total 3 hours after i sent the letters.)

The donors did not write back to say they have donated. No one wrote back to tell me, even after i sent another letter asking them to let me know who they are so i can put them in the draw. So to those wonderful ladies (i sent to only ladies that day) who donated on 15th November, THANK YOU once again.

So this gives Wesley US$495.50 in his fund! That’s only US$4.50 away from the target we started with at the end of October.

Now i have become bold, encouraged by such generosity. My new target is to get Wesley‘s fund over the US$1000 mark. Yep, in 17 days, i hope and pray that we would be able to raise US$504.50. more for Wesley.

Please do consider donating to Wesley‘s adoption fund. Click here to find out more about the Precious One Giveaway. Click here or on his picture/name to go to Wesley‘s profile page to donate.

Please partner with me, help me to spread the word about Wesley and this Giveaway. i will be sending out a second appeal letter various other people (it maybe you…) and praying God moves their hearts to help Wesley grow his fund.

Do continue to pray for Wesley; his daily needs and for his forever family to find him.

Thank you so much.


5 Replies to “Thank You So Much…New Target…”

    1. Thanks Char… am feeling better but still trying to get that last little bit of the bug to go away completely! i know – God is just amazing… have you read the new post? We have another 400 to go 😉


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