Not Made to Last…

Be warned… this is a rant.

Modern technology… it makes our lives so easy; helps us to do things faster and better, helps us to take nicer pictures with just one click, helps us to stay informed with the latest news, helps to us to stay connected always…


…it is not made to last!

Whether it be your latest TV or kitchen gadget or mobile phone, they do not seem to last beyond a few years. One dent, one drop and they are done for… something just won’t work right anymore.

My rant today is specifically about mobile phones!

i have had my mobile phone for only 3 plus years and now i am having issues with the battery. For months now, every week there will be a day when it refuses to charge to 100%. And for the last 3 days, consecutively, it simply won’t charge to 100%. And get this, i did NOT drop it at all.

My dad is also having battery issues with his mobile phone. He is usually careful with his phone.

notmadetolast20180302My boy had accidentally thrown his previous phone (which had a clear plastic cover) onto his bed (a soft surface) and it rebounded against the wall, and that made it stop working. Recently, he dropped his current phone on the street and now that is not working. In this case, i understand, it was quite a forceful drop (the edge of the glass cracked) and it was without a cover. But the previous cases???

When i took it back to the shop to see if i could get it repaired, the customer service person informed me that it was not worth the repair costs. He also told me that i should always buy insurance on mobile phones because such repairs are costly and with insurance, i get a replacement phone almost immediately after filing a report.

i never had to insure a gadget before. We have a couple of antique phones at home, and i know if we plug those in, they will still work. My pestle and mortar most definitely still works compared to the modern kitchen aid which i have had to replace.

OK… maybe those are not a fair comparison but this is a rant… so i claim “rant license”.

All that said and done, my brother did point out that it does seem that these new mobile phones are made to fail in some small but annoying way so that you “need” to get a new one every few years… is this the manufacturers’ way of making money? i don’t know. But if it is, that’s not playing fair to the consumers, is it?



Happy Chinese New Year 2018…

Happy new year 2018 greeting card and chinese new year of the dog
Tomorrow is the first day of the Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year)! And this year, according to the Chinese zodiac, it is the year of the dog.

So Woof! Woof!

Wishing you and your loved ones a properous, happy, fulfilling and healthy dog year!


#7DWC – Done!…

i did it! i finished the 7-Day-Writing-Challenge i started last week.

7dwc_DONE20180131Ok. Now i did not write every day and i did not meet the word goal most days BUT… i wrote 6 days out of 7, wrote about 3500 words (give or take a few) of the required 7000 and edited more than half my novel! i would say that is not bad at all and would even call it a triumph 😉

i didn’t think much about it when i started this challenge, i did it on a whim. However, it has been great to see so many people doing it and encouraging each other daily to keep writing in spite of lack of time and sleep, and even in difficult circumstances (some of which were quite hard and sad), people were writing.

Doing this challenge has enabled me to edit half my novel, which has given me the boost i needed to push ahead and get it done and then onto crit groups we will go 😀

So if you are thinking about writing, don’t think – just do it! Join a challenge like this or better still join a writing group. If a group is not your thing, find a writing bubby. i know that my writing bubby has been the one who keeps me writing and i hope i have helped her too. And it is lovely to have someone to bounce ideas off, someone to pull you out of the dumps if you fall.

Keep Calm and Write On!