Heather Has A Family!!!

i had not been on my computer much today… it was a full day so i only checked a little here and there. i only started checking and catching up on emails after my son was in bed. So many emails in just one day!

Anyhow, i finished the emails and reading some blogs and also posting on my own blog. Then i decided i need to check in on my Facebook notifications. And there they were, multiple people had tagged me, all from the Reece’s Rainbow groups.

i saw the sweetest phrase a prayer warrior for an orphan can wish to see…

“Heather on MFFM.” (My Family Found Me page on Reece’s Rainbow)

Jumping for joy – Heather’s family found her!

i teared and sighed happily, thanked the Good Lord above and proceeded to thank everyone and freak out all over the Reece’s Rainbow groups pages.

i have been praying for Heather since the end of February this year and i have been sad for her that she received so little notice and her adoption grant was really low. i prayed and prayed. The Sunday School and i, under God’s leading, did a fundraising event for both Heather and Heath. i continued to pray.

i did 4 special birthday posts for her this month, hoping and praying her family would find her. (See here, here, here and here.) (PS: i know it was not my posts which brought her family to her but it is God.)

i was disappointed when Heather didn’t get voted in to be on Angel Tree for the Christmas Warrior program. In the process of voting for all the other kids, God has been tugging at my heart to pray for more kids, in particular one little guy. But i said to God, “Let me pray these 2 home first.”.

Of course, God knows best. He already knew Heather’s family and had planned for them to come for her at this time. He is the one who is in control, always. And i Thank God He is.

Trista is getting adopted by the same family too. Heather’s sister!

Heather’s family is also adopting another little girl so she will have a sister to play with. i’m waiting to hear if i can get in touch with the family and support them in their journey to bring Heather home. i’ll let you know once i know. In the meantime, meet Heather’s sister, Trista.

Praying their journey to bring home Trista and Heather will be smooth and quick.

Thank you all for caring and praying for my lovely Heather who now has a family coming for her.

Now i’m off to bed, with a smile so big and wide, i am giving the Cheshire Cat a run for his money 😉


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