What’s It Like To Have Down Syndrome?

Melissa Riggio has Down Syndrome, and she talks about her life, her classes, her hopes and dreams.

Please read about what she has to say here:

What’s It Like To Have Down Syndrome? — National Geographic Kids.

i hope and pray that one day my sweet Heather would also be able to express herself and tell us about her day at school, her dream job and talk about her friends.

But my lovely Heather would only be able to do that if she has the same educational opportunities as Melissa and the only way that Heather can have the same prospects is outside of her home country.

This is a recent photo – a bit over a month ago… she needs her family to come for her today…

She is an orphan. She is a special needs orphan. Without a loving family, she will not get the resources to enable her to have a future like Melissa does.

Reece’s Rainbow is the advocate website which lists special needs orphans, helps get them exposure which hopefully, prayerfully will bring their forever family to them.

i am doing my best to help Heather get attention too. This month, September, is her birthday month. (We don’t know exactly which day.) So i am writing a post dedicated to her every Monday in September. This is my third post. (See here for 2nd post and 1st post.)

So i’m asking again, please join me in praying for little Heather. Praying that she will be given the opportunities which Melissa has. Pray that her forever family will find her and bring her home quickly. Pray that her daily needs to be met while she is at her orphanage.

If you are considering adoption at all, please do consider my little Heather. (Click on her name or picture to read more about her on her profile page.) Or contact Reece’s Rainbow to find out more about adopting her.

Do contribute to her adoption grant (Click on her name or picture to get to her profile page where she has a donate button), which is very small at the moment. A larger adoption grant would increase her chances of being noticed. It would also help her forever family reach her faster. Please donate, every little bit helps.

If you do contribute to Heather‘s adoption grant, please leave a comment below with your email address so that i can send you a little Thank You (hand-crafted) gift.


5 Replies to “What’s It Like To Have Down Syndrome?”

  1. Sweet, tiny little girl. I wish we could bring her home when we go get Masha but I don’t know what region she is in and I don’t know if we will get approved for two. Thank you for advocating for her.


    1. Thanks for stopping by & Thank you for your encouragement. She is in U. i believe Masha is in the same country but i’m not sure that Heather is in the same orphanage. If you do see Heather by some God-arranged chance, then please please take photos if you can & let me know how she is doing – i have so little info on her & RR doesn’t know more. Thanks – i wish you all the best & God-speed in bringing Masha home.


  2. Love this new picture of Heather. Down syndrome children are so wonderful. My niece is an angel and I love her sweet smiles and kisses. These kids are just full of love, aren’t they.


    1. Yes they are just all love! i so wish i knew more about Heather… Do pray for her & thanks so much for your continued support & encouragement… Your niece is so blessed to have an aunt like you 🙂


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