Have a Sibling with Down Syndrome…

This is a recent photo – a bit over a month ago… isn’t she such a cutie? She needs her family to come for her today…

Have you read my “imagining” for my lovely Heather? In June, i wrote a blog post for the Reece’s Rainbow Prayer Warrior’s blog, please read it before going on in today’s post.

As you can tell from that previous post, i really imagine Heather having a most fantastic time with a sibling; a sibling who will love her, care for her and look out for her best interests. A brother or sister who would encourage her and be her cheerleader.

But what i did not cover in that post is how Heather might impact or change the life of that sibling. In the video below, Ashley, who has a sister with Down Syndrome and whose family will be adopting a special needs child, covers that wonderfully.

Before you watch the video Ashley made, i want you to hold a few phrases in your head while you watch the video. Notice when and about whom these words describe.

  • unconditional love
  • not a burden
  • so much joy
  • such a blessing

Got the phrases? OK, now watch the video.

My thoughts on having a sibling with Down syndrome…. – YouTube.

i remember meeting a little girl with Down Syndrome myself, when i was a little girl. She was the niece of my Uncle’s wife. i only met her a couple of times but what i do remember is her smile and her readiness to accept people for who they are, just as they are. i have the picture in my mind of her so gently stroking my face.

What Ashley says of her sister is what my lovely Heather will bring to the family who adopts her. She will show that unconditional love. She will not be a burden but a joy and a blessing.

Maybe as you consider whether or not you could be Heather‘s family, you also worry about the children already in your family.

In the video, at about the 7.5 minute mark, Ashley answers the question whether or not she will find it a burden to take care of her sibling for the rest of her life, should the need arises.

This is what she says: “I would not want her to go to anyone else but me.

Sure there was fear and uncertainty at the beginning of her relationship with her special needs sibling. Which relationship was not filled with doubts at the very start? But with time, that all went away, and what replaced it was love, true sisterly love.

A love i pray and hope with all my heart that my dear little Heather will get to experience.

My lovely Heather is perfectly healthy except for that extra chromosome which gives her that extra portion of sweetness. She needs a family. She should not be growing up in an institution or orphanage. She should be hugged and held by a loving mother and a caring father. She should be playing with siblings who love her to bits.

Are you her family? If there is a tugging at your heart, please don’t ignore it. Contact Reece’s Rainbow to find out more about Heather and about adopting her.

This month, September, is my lovely Heather‘s birthday month. She is 11. This is my 4th post for her special month. i pray and hope that these posts have made an impact; that you now know my little Heather and care for her.

Do continue to pray for Heather‘s daily needs and most of all, pray for her forever family to find her.

Do also donate to Heather‘s adoption grant. A bigger grant would hopefully get her more notice and bring her closer to finding a family. Click on her name or picture to get to her profile page where there is a Donate button. If you do make a donation, please leave a comment below so i can get in touch and send you a thank-you gift.

i leave you with Ashley’s words about her sister who has Down Syndrome : “She is my sunshine on a cloudy day.


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