Significant September…

Yep, September is significant. Why?, you ask.

No, it’s not because it is the start of a new school year (here in our village we started 3 weeks ago). No, not the significant other’s birthday. No, not the son’s birthday either.

It is significant for a number of reasons – one of which i will tell you now (the rest will be revealed as the month goes on).

This is the very first photo i have of Heather – she is about 9 here? Now she is 11.

September is my lovely Heather’s birthday. She turns 11. i don’t know the exact date. It only states “born September 2001” in my little Heather’s profile on Reece’s Rainbow. No date; that makes having a specific day for a celebration rather difficult.

So i’m holding a month-long celebration for her. i’ll be writing a special post for her every Monday of September. i’m hoping and praying that this weekly highlight will bring her more exposure and eventually bring her forever family to her.

My lovely Heather has been waiting for many many years now. A little girl should have a caring family around her, celebrating her 11th year of life and not in an orphanage waiting.

My little Heather has Down Syndrome but is otherwise healthy. However, where she is from, it means her future looks dim; she is cast aside, without a chance to blossom and grow into the wonderful person i know she is inside. See that sweet shy smile on her face. It hides so much potential.

This is an updated photo – about a month ago… she would be a lovely addition to a loving family.

So today i am her “family” and i wish my lovely gal a BIG


i love you and am praying for you and for the family who comes for you.

Would you join me in wishing Heather a Happy Birthday? Join me in praying for the best birthday gift ever – a family for her.

Do you feel a tug at your heart? Could you be her family?

Would you consider sharing her story so she gets more notice and her forever family might find her? You can also help by donating to her adoption grant so that when her family does come for her, they will be able to reach her faster.

Click on her picture or name to go to her profile page. Thank you for caring for my lovely Heather.


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