To Heath’s Forever Family…

HI, i am Sandra and i fell in love with my little Heath almost exactly seven months ago. How did i fall in love with a boy i never met just by looking at his picture and reading about him? Well, i don’t know; what i do know is that it is all part of God’s plan to give this sweet child a home and a loving family, which he so richly deserves.

This is the blog post which led me to him:

11 years old Heath, is a cutie who needs his family asap.

i read that, i clicked on to Reece’s Rainbow, read Heath‘s profile and cried my eyes out. My son was there on that webpage. Why was he on that webpage and not home with me? i shared with my husband and i tried to find out if we could adopt. But all those doors closed. It was not to be. i cried some more and decided i am going to do the next best thing: find my boy a loving family. So i became his prayer warrior and his advocate.

i had followed links on his profile to these to blog posts by Julia at CovenantBuilders:

i felt good that there was one other mama who loves Heath and who is shouting out for him – there were two of us was what i thought to myself at that time.

Boy, was i wrong!

Heath has a whole ton of advocates and prayer warriors. God truly has an amazing plan for this little one. Here is just a small list of people advocating for Heath:

And there are more! Heath is well-loved! Lots of individuals are rooting and praying for him.

God himself is moving mountains for Heath. Just look at this increase in his adoption grant which i found both Saige at OnMyHeartMom and myself were tracking:

If you do your math, you will see from the above post, that God moved Heath‘s grant from a tiny US$240 in December 2011 to almost US$9000 in the middle of May 2012. Well over US$8,500 in 6 months.

Now watch God work the absolutely amazing:

According to my records, Heath had US$10,708.40 at the beginning of September and today (28th Sept 2012), God has moved hearts and hands and his adoption grant is at US$20,905.50. That is over US$10,000 in less than a month!! Much of this came from the amazing efforts of many of the ladies who wrote the blogs listed above. Such wonderful love, such faith, such unbelievably fabulous people! But most of all, such an out-of-this-world Good God!

Now, i have been informed that the total costs of an international adoption from Heath‘s country (sorry i can not tell you exactly where in Eastern Europe) is about US$20,000. So Heath is fully funded!!

This means that his forever family only needs to pay the initial paperwork costs – Commitment Fees, Homestudy, Getting Dossier together etc… which is about US$5000. The rest of the adoption is taken care of by Heath‘s huge adoption grant!

This whole post has been to let Heath‘s family know that when they commit to bring Heath home, they will not be alone in the process. There is a whole team all ready to support them in every way we can. And as you can already see, God is on our team too. So there is a guarantee of success 😀

So Heath‘s forever family, we are waiting for you. Heath is waiting for you. Please contact Reece’s Rainbow to find out about committing to bring Heath home.

i hope to get to know you soon. And support you in your journey to bring a much beloved Heath home.

Heath‘s mum in her heart,



If you do not feel led to be Heath‘s family, there are other ways to help.

Share his story so his forever family can find him.

Pray for him; for his daily needs; for him to stay strong and healthy till his family comes for him.

Donate to his adoption grant – yes, he is fully funded but to have more in there would mean that his forever family might be able to bless another orphan or another adoptive family during their journey. They may even be able to bless the other boys at his institute. Click on his name or picture to go to his profile.

Thank you so much if you have prayed along and support Heath and donated to his grant. Please continue to do so.


4 Replies to “To Heath’s Forever Family…”

    1. Thank you for such kind comments… but i can’t claim to be awesome – awesomeness belongs to God! Now that Heather has a family, my heart truly aches more (no longer divided attention) for Heath’s family to come for him… pray along with me…


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