Supporting A Friend… A Bigger Goal…

Do you remember my post, “Supporting A Friend…“, back at the beginning of July?

My friend, Karen, fellow-blogger-mummy, is doing a 200km bike ride in aid of cancer research in Australia. Well, Karen sent an update – she has managed to raise AUS$10,000 and has since moved her target to raise AUS$15,000 for cancer research! She has a little over 3 weeks to reach her target (roughly AUS$2,800 more is needed).

So i’m getting behind her & lending her my support once again!

Have you been touched by cancer? Do you know any one who has been? i believe that everyone knows at least one person who has had a brush with cancer.

My beloved Uncle Nagel passed away quite a few years ago. He had a tumour in his brain. Our friends’ little gal had a very rare cancer and passed away after a brave fight. This was more than 3 years ago and i still have tears as i remember pictures of her smiling, with her cute bald head (bald from chemotherapy).

Karen and her husband, Andrew, who survived cancer in 2004. Photo from Karen’s fundraising page.

What Karen wrote here is so true…

“…not enough research had been done.”

More research would most definitely save lives. If you were ever wondering what worthy cause to support, here is one. Click to go to Karen’s fundraising page.

Thank you very much.


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