For Jenny and Jordan…

i want to introduce you to Jenny and Jordan – they are a sister and brother pair and they are both developmentally on par. Jenny is said to be very smart. But they are missing something or i should say some persons… parents… that’s right they are orphans. And Jenny is HIV+, which is easily managed with medications.

8-year old Jenny & her 4-year old brother are waiting for a family…

Looking at her picture, you could never tell that she is an orphan. She has such a lovely smile! i wish i had a picture of her younger brother, Jordan, to show you. i’m sure he is a cutie too.

These are perfectly developmentally normal children who should not be spending their days in an orphanage. They should be going to school, having sibling rivalry and driving their parents up the walls.

Jenny is 8 years old and Jordan is 4 years old. They would benefit so much from being part of a loving family. They would be able to fulfill their dreams, whether that is having ice cream on a cold winter’s day or becoming a pilot or being the child of caring parents.

Please help them, please give them the advantage of having a family to support them through life. Please share their story so that their forever family might find them.

Please donate to their adoption grant which is extremely low at the moment. A bigger adoption grant would mean a lack of funds would not prevent them from having a family. Click on Jenny’s picture or their names to go to their profile page to donate.

Are you thinking about adding to your family? If so, would you consider adding Jenny and Jordan to your family? Contact Reece’s Rainbow to find out how you can adopt them.


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