Tribute & a little sportsman

My Uncle Nagel passed away – April 21st, 2006.
His death was not unexpected but i had expected to at least be able to see him one more time before he passed but…
He is now home with the Lord & my Dad said that my uncle knew he was dying so maybe he was ready to leave this world. This thought is but a small comfort as i have indeed lost a dear dear uncle.
Well, what about My Uncle Nagel?
He isn’t really a “blood” uncle to begin with – he is my Dad’s great friend & has always been closer than blood to us. When i was little, we shared many many weekends at his place & many many holidays too. He watched me grow up, always had a big big hug for me & of cos my parents & brother too. He shared the ups & downs of my life. He always had a great story to tell of the days long ago – i really enjoyed those stories! Always the joker at the dinner table. He was a stubborn old man but a dear one. He loved his family dearly & they him. & i loved him too.

Today was a sunny afternoon in our little village of Langendorf, we discovered a little sports champ in the making:


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