Supporting A Friend… Goal Reached and Beyond…

i wonder if you remember me writing about my friend, Karen Cheng, back in July. She was getting ready, training daily for a 200km ride to raise funds for cancer research. Read about it here.

People were so wonderful that she quickly reached her goal of AUS$10,000. So she upped her goal to raise AUS$15,000. i gave her another little shout-out here.

Ride To Conquer CancerWell, i just want to thank you so much for supporting her… she managed to raise a total of AUS$16,910!! However small an amount you contributed, thank you. It all added up.

She has done the ride and had a great time. My favourite line from her post was: “…hey – they were here, riding for a cause. And really, this was a ride not a RACE.”

Please read about the whole ride here: Karen Cheng’s Fashion and Life » Blog Archive » The Sunsuper Ride to Conquer Cancer – Perth 2012.


PS: Please do remember my current fundraising effort – the Precious One Giveaway for Wesley. Every little bit adds up so no amount is too small. Thank you.

Supporting A Friend… A Bigger Goal…

Do you remember my post, “Supporting A Friend…“, back at the beginning of July?

My friend, Karen, fellow-blogger-mummy, is doing a 200km bike ride in aid of cancer research in Australia. Well, Karen sent an update – she has managed to raise AUS$10,000 and has since moved her target to raise AUS$15,000 for cancer research! She has a little over 3 weeks to reach her target (roughly AUS$2,800 more is needed).

So i’m getting behind her & lending her my support once again!

Have you been touched by cancer? Do you know any one who has been? i believe that everyone knows at least one person who has had a brush with cancer.

My beloved Uncle Nagel passed away quite a few years ago. He had a tumour in his brain. Our friends’ little gal had a very rare cancer and passed away after a brave fight. This was more than 3 years ago and i still have tears as i remember pictures of her smiling, with her cute bald head (bald from chemotherapy).

Karen and her husband, Andrew, who survived cancer in 2004. Photo from Karen’s fundraising page.

What Karen wrote here is so true…

“…not enough research had been done.”

More research would most definitely save lives. If you were ever wondering what worthy cause to support, here is one. Click to go to Karen’s fundraising page.

Thank you very much.


Supporting A Friend…

Today is all about my friend and fellow-blogger, Karen Cheng.

She is simply amazing… i went to uni with her and already thought she was pretty great at that time… we graduated and i left my beloved Perth to come home to Singapore (not a bad thing, but at that time, i would have given almost anything to have stayed in Perth – that, however, is another story).

So we lost touch and then i found her blog through a friend. i started following it and it just completely floors me how wonderful she is and how she really does take life head on and lives it to the fullest. She writes about her passion for fashion as well as about her bustling life with a loving husband and 3 cute boys.

Karen’s email to me on 8 May 2012…

She is now doing a most awesome thing – she is going to do a 200km bike ride to raise money for cancer research! Now she is only a recreational bike rider at best, to begin with, so 200km over 2 days is a huge thing. (Bike riding just has no appeal to me – sigh. So i am in awe that she is doing this.) She has been training lots, getting up at 5am or 6am in the mornings to get in some training before her full day starts with 3 very active boys to take care of.

i have been a terrible friend in that i have told myself i would support her and help her promote this cause when she first announced it back at the beginning of May. But i got busy and forgot.

Karen’s email to me on 27 June…

Then at the end of June she sent another little note to say that her birthday wish (her birthday was just a few days ago) was to reach her goal of raising AUS$10,000 for cancer research and appealed to us to help her with that birthday wish.

Now i am going to do my very tiny part and i’m asking if you would do your part too. Please visit her fundraising page to read her story. Or read this post on her blog to find out more about this. Do donate to this very very deserving cause.

Thank you very much for every little bit you give towards this worthy cause.