Through No Fault of Her Own…

This sweet 11-year-old is waiting for her forever family.

Meet Kate.

Isn’t that smile simply radiant? That smile simply lights up the room. That smile hides the fact that Kate is an orphan, an orphan who is HIV+. Otherwise she is an 11 year-old who is simply waiting for a family to come and call her their own.

Being HIV+ is through no fault of her own. It was likely passed onto her during her birth by her mother. HIV could also be the cause of her being orphaned. We don’t know. But what we do know is that she needs a family to love her and help her navigate life.

Without a family coming forward for her, she would be turned out onto the streets when she turns 16; in less than 5 years’ time. At 16, with a tiny bit of money given to her by the orphanage and likely just the clothes on her back, no skills or proper education, i can not imagine how she would find a job, a place to live and live a decent life.

Her profile says that she is sociable and interacts easily. She would make a great addition to any family. And her medical condition is so very manageable.

Please pray for her, for her daily needs, for  her forever family to find her.

If you are considering adoption, maybe she is the one for your family? Do contact Reece’s Rainbow for more information.

Her adoption grant is also not very big. The estimated costs of adopting from her region is US$35,000. The bigger her grant, the faster her forever family can reach her. Please click on her name or picture to go to her profile page for more information and to donate.

Thank you for caring.


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