God Has Done It… Again!

11 years old Heath, is a cutie who needs his family asap.

That’s right – He has indeed! He has worked a miracle once again and i think we have met the matching grant for my little Heath, which i talked about on Friday. (Click here to read about it.)

Julia, over at CovenantBuilders, reported contributions of US$2005.15. The Johnsons reported pancakes sales of US$800 and there were a few other reports of various amounts which i am not sure whether or not Julia had included them in her report. But just taking Julia’s reported amount and the pancake sales, it is already enough to meet the matching grant!

Praise the Lord! Thank you God!

Since i could not be at any of the events, i will point you to others who were. Here are 2 summaries. (i’m sure there are others but i haven’t had time to gather them all together.)

Update: another post from another wonderful lady who loves little Heath. (18 Sept 2012)

Thank you to everyone who contributed, whether in giving donations or taking part in a car wash or bought a pancake or bought something at the yard sale or bake sale etc…

Thank you also to the tireless volunteers who have all worked so very hard to help this little boy’s adoption grant grow, all in hopes that his forever family will see him and bring him home quickly.


PS: If you visit Heath‘s profile page (click on his name or picture), his adoption currently reads US$13583.70 (as of Monday, 17th September 2012, at 9.25pm – Swiss time). It will take a week or so for all the contributions to show on his profile. Also the matching grant will only be contributed at the end of the month.

PPS: Please do keep on praying for Heath, for his forever family to come for him and for his daily needs. Also please do continue to share his story so his family does find him quickly. And if you feel led to give towards his grant, every little bit helps and it will most definitely be appreciated by the family who comes to bring him home. A bit more would also mean that maybe his family could contribute more to his institute to better the living conditions of the ones who remain there.

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