He and She Are HOME!…

That’s right! Heath and Heather are both home with their families!

Such sweet words! "Already Home" <3
Such sweet words! “Already Home” LOVE

Heath, the boy who led me into the wonderful heartbreaking yet amazing world of special needs orphans, the son of my heart, he is FINALLY HOME with his mama and papa in Texas! They arrived home today.

Once again, those sweet sweet words!
Once again, those sweet sweet words!

Heather was home already a little over a week ago but i waited till today to make an official announcement because they were both my first prayer warrior kiddos and will always always hold a special place in my heart. And i wanted them to share this day!

You won’t find a happier person today – at least in Switzerland.

Now if only my boys, Shane and Wesley, can find their forever families this Christmas, i would be over the moon! And of course, i want Jasper to find a family too.

Actually i want them all to find a family but this isn’t possible, so one at a time is how it will have to be.

Please dear God, bring my precious boys forever families this Christmas – it would be an out-of-this-world Christmas gift. Amen!


Heath Has A Family!!!

Yesterday at about 10.30pm, i was (still am) the happiest person on this earth! i found out that my precious beloved little Heath has a family coming for him!

See that red circle with the red arrow pointing to it? Those words made me so very happy!
See that red circle with the red arrow pointing to it? Those words made me so very happy!

Meet the Drake family. They are homestudy approved and have committed to him! And because God had worked the miracle of bringing in the funds before He brought in the family, they are fully funded! At least for the paperwork and travel required by Heath’s home country. i don’t know yet if they will need to do some fundraising to cover the expenses of the paperwork and medicals they have to do stateside. You can follow their journey at their blog.

The Drake family are coming for Heath! Hurray!
The Drake family are coming for Heath! Hurray!

What you can do now is to pray, pray for them as they prepare to receive another child into their home, pray their children to be ready for a new brother and pray Heath’s heart to be ready for a life-changing experience. Pray also that their process will be smooth and without any hurdles so they can reach Heath faster. Pray for Heath’s health, pray that he remains healthy while waiting, pray that his daily needs are met.

Praise the Lord! i’m soooo very happy that my little Heath will soon have a mummy and daddy and brothers and sister to call his very own. ūüėÄ


PS: i was so excited to post this blogpost that i didn’t realise maybe some people may not understand the significance or how important this little guy is to me. He was the one my heart broke into pieces for (i first saw him in this post), he was the one i wanted to bring home so very badly, he was the one who led me into the world of special needs orphans and international adoption, he was the one God used show me what was the work He had for me at this time… and it has been 13 months and 4 days since i came to know about Heath and that is why this is the most joyous news to me. ūüėÄ

It Has Been A Year…

Yep, it has. A whole year since i stepped into the world of orphans with special needs.

12 year old Heath, is a cutie who needs his family asap.
12-year-old Heath, is a cutie who needs his family asap.

My beloved Heath was the one who led me into this wonderful yet frightening, beautiful yet terrible, amazing yet sad world where children are in so much need my heart was broken and remains so. Their stories are frightening, some of the conditions they live in are terrible, the lives they have in the institutions are simply too sad. But the children themselves are so wonderful and beautiful, and the parents who pursue them are so amazing.

This was the post which led me to Heath and i reblogged it as my first feeble attempt to help Heath. And then donations followed and then i became his Prayer Warrior and Advocate. i still am and will never stop praying for my beloved Heath.

My heart remains broken because my beloved Heath does not yet have a loving family to care for him. He is still sitting in his shared wheelchair, doing nothing all day, sometimes having a dirty old string to play with. This wonderful lady who brought Heath the attention he deserves; Wonderful Julia who has worked so hard to help grow his adoption grant shares my heart… hear what she has to say about Heath here. (She has a few other posts about Heath, this is just the most recent one.)

My dream for Heath still stands… you can read about it here. i dream of how it would be for Heath in a family situation. What love they would give him and what a joy he would be to his forever family.

i wrote a letter to Heath’s family-to-be, telling them how much i love Heath and how many others also love him and are committed to helping him find a family and would be willing to help that family bring him home.

i celebrated Heath’s birthday for him from afar. i hope and pray that Heath‘s next birthday would be celebrated with the good news that he has a family!

God Himself has worked wonderful miracles for Heath, the fact that he is alive now is a miracle, the fact that he has food when many other orphans in his home country have to go without is another. But God truly moved mountains, moved hearts and hands when Heath‘s adoption grant grew within a year from a couple of hundred dollars to a FULL GRANT! See here and here for how it came to be.

That’s right, Heath has a FULL grant! Which means his forever family only need to come up with the¬†initial¬†commitment fees, home-study fees and a few other fees for documentation, finger-prints¬†etc.¬†… but all the travel and most of the agency fees are already funded!

i am praying for Heath‘s forever family to step forward as soon as possible. There is a¬†possibility¬†that Heath‘s home country might be closed to all international adoption as they may need to compile with the¬†Hague Convention of 1993 (we don’t know if it would actually happen or when). While a country works to compile with the Hague Convention, they have to close all adoptions and it could take anywhere from a few months to years before they open again.

So please be brave, Heath‘s Family… please step forward and come bring Heath home.

Fear is easy, but love is hard

i read this on A Place To Call Home… she wrote about how fearful she was to step out again to try to adopt (her heart was broken twice before), she showed how wonderfully God reached out to her heart and comforted it, strengthen it and helped her to be brave and step up and out to love once again. Please go here and read her story.

Heath‘s Forever Family… Heath waits for you. Please choose to love him and come bring Heath home.

Click on his name or picture to go to his profile page on Reece’s Rainbow. You can contact Reece’s Rainbow for details should you be interested in adopting Heath.

Do continue to pray for him!