September 15th…

… this is a significant date – this is tomorrow! Yep, tomorrow on Saturday, 15th of September 2012, a bunch of great people are hosting various events to raise funds for my little Heath‘s adoption grant. (i first wrote about it here.)

There will be car washes, yard sales and soccer pledges in the following places – California, Florida, Indiana, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota and Washington. If you are in the US and are in the above mentioned states and would like to support the events, please put in a comment below (with your email and the state you live in) and i will find out for you exactly where and at what time these events are happening. If you are near enough to attend, i humbly ask that you take some time and go over, lend your support and contribute towards Heath’s adoption grant.

Now i must tell you how wonderfully God is working. These events were planned quite a while back and i have been praying for God to bring in at least US$5000 for Heath from these events. Even that amount i had my doubts. Oh me of little faith!

11 years old Heath, is a cutie who needs his family asap.

God has bigger plans. We found out a week or so ago that some very generous donor has offered Heath a matching grant of US$5000; which means at the end of September if we manage to raise US$5000, Heath will get a total of US$10,000. That is double what i was praying for!

It doesn’t stop there – since the announcement that Heath has a matching grant, we have had very generous people contributing to his grant even before the fundraising events. Within a little over a week, God has moved people and US$2435.50 has come into Heath‘s grant. That means we need to raise another US$2564.50! Just a little over half the amount to meet the matching grant!

So God is working to get Heath‘s adoption grant over the US$20,000 mark! i believe that God will do it and He will open Heaven’s floodgates and push the grant up to US$25,000 even!

My faith has truly grown just watching God move mountains for these special needs orphans. Please do join me in this faith-building journey and pray along with us for the events to run smoothly, for lots of people to show their support and contribute towards the fund and pray also for the safety of all involved in these events. Pray that God will meet the matching grant amount and much more.

Do also pray for Heath, pray for his daily needs and for his protection; spiritually, mentally and spiritually.

Click on Heath‘s picture or his name to go to his profile page to read more about him and to contribute towards his adoption grant. If you do contribute to his grant, please leave a comment below and an email so i can get in touch with you and send you a little thank you gift.

Once Heath has a full grant (usually US$25,000), the forever family who comes for him will be able to get to him in record time as the funds would already be there. 😀

Thank you for your prayers and support of the son of my heart – my little Heath.


7 Replies to “September 15th…”

  1. Thank you!!!! I am so excited and a little nervous for tomorrow. Last night I asked my husband, “What if our car wash isn’t successful?” His reply, “Look what God has done so far. How can it not be successful?”
    Ha! Good point. 🙂


  2. I love what you are doing! Wow! I will keep Heath in my prayers. He is such an amazing little guy. And you and all your friends that are doing these fundraisers are amazing as well.


    1. Thanks Char! i’m so happy that Heath has so many advocates! Praise the Lord! Did you read the update post i did just a few hours ago? i think (not certain but 99% sure) we met our target for the matching grant 😀 Keep praying for Heath! & my Heather too… just posted for her a few minutes ago…


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