Taking a Breath Here…

The previous two weekends have been busy busy busy… so it was a nice change this weekend to have nothing going on and just be… well, almost… Tobias did have a birthday party to go to but that left mummy and daddy free to just do some shopping for self 😉

So what kept us busy the last two weekends? Here’s the scoop.

The weekend of September 1st: we attended Walter’s colleague’s wedding apero (that’s the reception for those not familiar with the Swiss term). It’s a rather casual thing, not a big dress-up do like in Asia. The only people who do dress-up is the bridal party. Everyone else comes in smart casual at the very most, it is also acceptable to come in jeans and t-shirt. The basic idea is to come and celebrate with the happy couple and wish them well.

Isn’t it cute how the guests formed a little passage with flowers tied to hoops?

i like that idea – no pressure to dress to the 9’s and simply enjoy the party and the company. It was nice since Walter’s firm did away with the company ski weekend, i haven’t been able to meet and know Walter’s colleagues better.

Plus point – we went without Tobias as he had a birthday party to attend that weekend (yes, this is birthday season for his class). So an afternoon of mummy and daddy time.

We came home and rested for a bit and then were off to a musical evening. We were invited by Tobias’ violin teacher to hear him play in an ensemble. They presented music from the 1800s. It was quite lovely. It was a short one hour and a bit event. There was coffee, tea and cakes if you so desired.

This was a little hall above a sort of community centre. Such a nice cosy environment to listen to lovely music 🙂

i love the fact that there are many of these little musical or artistic events are held in and around the little villages here. And there is no expensive entrance fees; just a small donation is asked for. This is truly bringing music and the arts to the community.

The weekend of September 8th: Well, there was our wedding anniversary (read about it here). That morning, i had a Day Away for Women seminar to attend. So that was a full Saturday.

On Sunday, we were invited to a 100-year party. Tobias’ schoolmate’s family of 5 added up their ages and it equalled 100. So it was an excuse to celebrate 😉 We went and had a good time, getting to know some of our Swiss neighbours better.

The family was able to rent an entire villa for the party! It is part of a cultural quartier in Bern and the big house is open for rental. There was a lovely playground and chalets on the other side of the compound as well.

The whole compound and the first level of the big house was available for use.
The kids had an absolute ball, with so much space to run around and stuff to play with.

The weather was simply beautiful – one last warm weekend before the autumn cold hits in full force.

That pretty much wraps up our busy weekend. Glad to have some normal and quiet this weekend.

Wishing you a good week ahead.

Imagine – laying on your back, close your eyes and enjoying the sunshine on your face.


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