Spring Onions Spring…

My next green adventure – planting onions…

Before i get into that, i have to sob over the deaths of my beloved tulips… that’s right they died, died even before they had a chance to be anything more than green leaves… SOB!

How did that happen? Well, the cold got to them. Why didn’t i save them? Because i didn’t know that they were suffering from the cold. i’m no green thumb and have killed my share of plants. But still i wanted to grow something, something nice and/or edible. (See previous attempts here, here and here.) This year i researched and decided to go with tulips because i love tulips and they are said to be easy to grow. To cut a long story short, they popped up during unseasonal warm weather in March. Then as it is with unpredictable Swiss Spring weather, the cold set in again. However, i didn’t realise it would affect my tulips. My reasoning – they were planted before the frost and lived through the cold winter (in fact they need the cold before they can¬†germinate) so they should be fine as temps were above freezing. Little me of no green knowledge – sigh! The bulbs needed the cold but once they popped they have to be protected from the cold! i found that out too late.

SO… i have grieved over them the last month and now feel ready to go for another green attempt.

For some strange reason, i had onions which budded while sitting in an open basket in the kitchen. Not all of them budded, just two. It has happened before and i normally just throw them out. But i thought otherwise this time. So i headed to the trusty old internet and found a couple of entries which talked about using the cut-off bottom ends of onions (normally thrown away), and another which said that it was possible to try planting onions which budded in the pantry. So i waited till the rains eased up (it had been raining almost everyday for almost 2 weeks before this past Thursday). And have planted them, hoping for some nice spring onions to eat. (Fingers, toes and eyes all crossed.)

So meet my onion babies:


*happy to have sunshine days*

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