Tulips Have Popped!

In October 2011, almost six months ago, i dug up soil and fertilized it and planted tulip buds in two large pots on my balcony. i have been waiting patiently for them to come up to brighten my rather plain barbeque area.

And TODAY… they POPPED up! (i’m sure they poked their little heads out earlier but i only really noticed them today) That’s right, i have i think… ten little shoots! Happy, Happy, Happy đŸ˜€

A sign that Spring has come, finally, after what has been quite a freezing Winter. The official calender start to Spring is on 20.03.2012, Tuesday, at least according to my bought-in-Switzerland calender.



3 Replies to “Tulips Have Popped!”

  1. worth to wait for them popped! I just realized yesterday there is a new garden center in Ittigen. When you have time, you should go and have a look, only 10mins from Bern. (by train RBS )


    1. Thanks for stopping by Cath. i did not know about the garden center in Ittigen but i actually don’t live in Bern… but still good to know as i do go to Bern once a week… Have a good week.


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