Is 7 Your Lucky Number?…

Well, it is mine – at least for today 😉

Charissa at Joy In The Moments awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award (i have posted about it here and here.). Thank you very much. i will pass on that award next week.

She also tagged me with the Lucky 7… what’s that you ask? Well, it’s just a fun little thing to do… Here’s how it works:

You go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript or work-in-progress,

Then go to line 7,

Post on your blog the next 7 lines or sentences – as they are,

Then tag 7 other people to do the same.

Well, i have 3 works-in-progress… i’m think it would be fun to do all 3, just to see if there is a difference in my writing style or not…

So starting with the latest one, at the moment untitled, based in the present day, part fantasy:

Tabitha had meant to call her last night and apologise for the way they left their last conversation. Should she call her now? Did Pea have classes this morning?

She swung herself out of bed and decided to try her luck. She picked up the phone and sighed, at the same time thinking about the random information she read somewhere so long ago – every time you sigh you lose a drop of blood. Tabitha wonders how much blood she has lost in the last twenty years, as the ringing tone fills her ear.


2nd one i wrote the year before, based in the present day, called Between Cousins:

Oh how I remember that – it was so comforting to be held so close to a warm body while the cold winter winds blew around you. I hear the girls calling out for me. Better go.

I type:
Oh yes I was but not any more – I am used to it now. Running late. Have to go now. Chat later.

He types:
Most definitely 😀

After I close MSN messenger, I notice another email had just come in – this time from Yaya. Let’s see what she has to say – I am quite sure that she is with me on this.

This last one i wrote some 4 years ago, it is also my first attempt at writing a full-length novel, entitled The Girl and The Knife (i lost the digital version of this when our harddisk crashed last year, thank God i had a printed copy):

“i’m sure it would be the same for getting timetable and tutorials arranged. You know if i knew that being late means no lines, i would have arrived late too.” grins Nelly.

“But don’t you think i’ve missed a lot by being late?” asks Lily.

“No, not really. You see, we are first years. The first week is just orientation and registration – you have already done registration in less than half the time it took me and now i’m giving you orientation – see you have already done everything we did.” explains Nelly

Lily looking worried and unconvinced, “But classes had started officially three days ago! There were lectures and tutorials i have missed.”

Oh my goodness, now reading these lines again, i cringe! Typing this, i’m seriously considering deleting it all. But as i have been reading on other writers’ blogs, i have to be brave and post my work out there and be prepared for constructive criticism.

i know i have also committed what is considered to be a “sin” among most writers, i have not finished any of the above stories but have gone on to write a different one each year. However, in my defense, these were all written for Nanowrimo which recommends writing a new story of 50,000 words or more in 30 days each time you take part.

i will finish them – i promise i will. And now that i have picked one to work on, i aim to at least finish one draft by year’s end. Maybe, just maybe, i’ll post parts of it here. After editing, of course!

Oh before i forget, i tag the following people (i only know a few who are actively writing and blogging at the same time) with this Lucky 7 Meme:

Fiction Forge – she is a fellow-writer and also lives in Switzerland. We also go to book club together. She posts great tips about writing and is currently working on a piece of work she has been very excited about.

Poetic Inspirations – i simply love Maryanne’s poems and she highlights lots of other good poets of our day. She introduced me to Spoken Word Poetry which i love soooo much… i hope to be able to catch a live performance soon.

Life Is An Adventure – Lynda’s writing is simple and inspiring. If you need a pick me up, you need to read some of Lynda’s posts. She is also working on her book, which i think will come out soon.

Have fun!


4 Replies to “Is 7 Your Lucky Number?…”

  1. Thanks for the tag! What an intriguing glimpse into a work in progress. Like you, I have several stories in various stages of completion. I finally finished the outline for one today so I’m pretty chuffed about that!


  2. Fun! Don’t feel bad about having several WIP. I think that is helpful when you get stuck on one…just leave it and go to another one you’re more excited about. I’m always flitting about different stories. Some days I feel like a good romance…other times I want to do a little sci-fi (very mild sci-fi)…and other times I want to deal with a cowboy character, or go back in time to the 1800s. Good luck to you. I love your character–Pea. Cool name. Now I have to check out your sites you recommended.


    1. Thanks for the encouragement 🙂 Yes i know what you mean about the flirting between stories 😉 i like Pea too – it’s a nickname… the way that story is going she turns out to be a pawn of the evil Overlord…


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