Unexpected Sights…

i had wanted to blog about these sights last week… but other posts took priority. So here they are – Unexpected Sights which greeted us…

The first one was when we first returned from our summer hols, a couple of weeks ago. You see i had left my Spring Onions unattended the whole time we were gone (yes i know, bad gardener!). Well, i had, of course, expected to see dead plants when we got back. BUT lo-and-behold!

They are such cute little white flowers, all bundled together!

They grew! Or at least one pot of them did and even flowered! i had read that seeing spring onions flower was a rare thing as normally you would harvest them before that happens.

It was indeed a happy sight for me! It goes to show that some things (applicable to people as well) can be quite tough and surprise us 😉

The second unexpected sight was this:

i snapped this picture quickly with my smart phone.

Yes i know it’s hard to see – but that little person with one hand raised in a sea of red chairs is Tobias. You see, last Wednesday, it was a public holiday here so no school. Now while in Singapore i had lamented about missing out on watching the new Pixar film, Brave. (We love our animated movies and missed the opening by just 2 days.) Then i saw it was on here and i found a cinema showing an afternoon slot in English. So we went.

i had thought since it was a public holiday in all the Cantons (States) surrounding Bern, where we went to watch the movie, the cinema would be peopled (my word for not exactly full, but with people around). We went there early, got our ticket from an automated machine (the counter only opened 30 minutes before screening time). The machine indicated that all seats were free. i did think that was funny but still i thought people would just buy at the counter later.

We walked around a little, looking for Tobias’ house-shoes which he needed for school. Then had a light lunch of sandwiches. We bought our popcorn and went to sit in the theater. There was NO ONE around at all… we only saw a handful of other people but none of them were heading into our theater. So we were the only ones, watching Brave in English, in a cinema in Bern, on a Wednesday, when it was a public holiday in Solothurn!

Now we can tell people we know what it is like to have an entire cinema theater all to ourselves 😉 It was a weird feeling. A little scary if you have a wild imagination – hehehee…

There was a small disappointment just before the film started. i heard voices and looked back to see that a couple had joined us, they sat right at the back. So we weren’t all that alone after all 😉

Have a lovely weekend. The forecast here is for rain over the weekend. So it will be cooler than the nice sunny full-on summer weather we have been having. Not complaining. The plants need the water and we could use with a bit of cool as well. But i’m still hopeful for some summer sun before Autumn hits.


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