Trying to Go Green…

No no, not talking about Going Green as in environmental issues – but just to be clear, we do do our part – recycling as much as we can, using as little electricity as possible… etc…
But i’m talking about growing green… maybe that would have been a better title – anyhow, i have never been a green thumb at all – so far have killed everything i have tried to grow since coming here (there is no possibility or incentive or time & place to do so while in Singapore)…
However, i saw some complete sets (including, pots, soil & seeds) for sale & they seemed easy enough to grow & they are Tobias’ favourite foods – cherry tomatoes & strawberries… so i bought them & on the 6th of April 2010, we planted them.

The building thing was a project with Daddy – this was/is a project with Mummy šŸ˜‰

Here is Tobias all ready to start:

Here are the materials:

Here is Tobias pouring out the soil & his happy face at having finished with the planting process:

We (Tobias did his part) faithfully watered them – keeping the tomatoes out of light but in warmth & keeping the strawberries in light but in a cool room as instructed. We watered & cared for them & waited… i read that it would take anywhere from 7 to 14 days to germinate… the tomatoes sprouted in 7 days but the strawberries took a little longer…

Here’s what they looked like 7 days after planting:
Cherry Tomatoes                                             Strawberries

Here’s what they looked like 13 days after planting:
Cherry Tomatoes are in the white pot & Strawberries are in the red pot

At this point, according to instructions, we re-potted the tomatoes (strawberries looked to fragile to re-pot). We counted over 50 seedlings but i think i took too long in the re-pot process or did something wrong, but we lost over 30 seedlings in the process (sob). Anyhow, here’s what the tomatoes looked like after re-potting (not so healthy looking):

Thank God whatever was left took root & are growing nicely, there are some secondary sprouts too – i’m actually not sure if they are secondary shoots or just seeds which sprouted late.
Here’s what they looked like as of yesterday (about a month after planting):

Here are the Strawberries as of yesterday to:

Now i’m wondering if i should re-pot again & put in the sticks to start supporting the tomatoes. i’m also wondering about the strawberries – there are instructions to re-pot after first leaves comes out – but after the tomatoes, i’m afraid, plus the strawberries look even more fragile than the tomatoes at the same height.
Advice, anyone??
i would be most grateful…

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