Tweet, Tweet… I’m on Twitter…

Can you believe it? I signed up for Twitter!

I have been thinking about joining Twitter for quite a while now. The thought first popped into my head that it might be a good idea to get on Twitter was a couple of years ago when I attended my second SCBWI Europolitian Conference and lots of people there talked about being on Twitter and keeping up with industry news – the industry of children’s books.

But being on social media takes time and I have this blog, Facebook, Instagram (with 2 accounts, one for me and one for Lexi, our Schnauzer), and even Goodreads, plus a couple of email accounts, isn’t that enough? Oh, and also a very-little-used Pinterest account.

What tipped the scales is that I volunteered to help manage the SCBWI Switzerland‘s Twitter account so I thought I had better get an account and learn more about Twitter.

So to that end, seasoned Twitter users, any tips? What are Lists, Topics and Moments? Help?

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Lexi Cuteness

Now i looked up when i last wrote about Lexi and it was her 2nd birthday post, which was back in July 2020. i thought it was the right time for a bit of Lexi cuteness overload. So here are 14 cute pictures of Lexi from the last 7 months. Enjoy!