Love Notes 2014… #03…

This is Love Notes post #03. Check out Post #01 and Post #02.

You can learn more about Love Notes on the Reece’s Rainbow website. Basically, you can purchase Love Notes and give them as gifts to your loved ones. Your loved ones then chooses which special needs orphan on Reece’s Rainbow would be blessed with an increase in their adoption grant – this grant would help their forever family reach them faster when they come forward for the child.

Today’s post will highlight children with mental/developmental delays. Please click on their names or pictures to go to their profile page.


This 13-year-old needs to be adopted by September 2014! He will age out of his country’s adoption system at that time. He was found and brought to the orphanage when he was 8 years old. He has mental delays but has learnt to do simple chores and basic self-management. He loves sports and gets along well with other children.


He is now 12 years old and was found and brought to the institution when he was 8 years old. He has mental retardation but can help with basic chores and his language skills is improving. He is active, enjoys sports and likes playing with other children.


He is a shy boy with mild mental delays  and hydrocele who needs much encouragement. He is gifted in drawing and curious about new things. i believe he would simply blossom with a loving family giving him the support he needs.


He is an introverted child who was found and brought to the institute when he was 5 years old. He has learnt much since coming to the institution and can now do simple chores and learnt self-management skills. He gets along well with other children.


This is no photo for Caesar. We know that he is 10 years old and is diagnosed with developmental delays. He may also have symptoms of Autism. He is a kindhearted boy and does not bully other children.


She has Tuberous Sclerosis and cognitive delays, but her limb development is normal. She loves to sing, dance, play sports, listen to music, play games, watch cartoons, and listen to stories. She is a quiet girl who works hard and gets along with other children, even taking care of them.


He was abandoned when he was 10 months old and has mental development delay. Although his language is delayed, he gets along with other children and loves to be cuddled. He loves water play and can count to 10, imitate drawing circles and lines. He also recites poems and  sings nursery rhymes.


She is a cheerful and sociable girl who enjoys being with others. She has Down syndrome, congenital heart disease, hypothyroidism and mental delays. She enjoys pretty food and communicates  through gestures, cries and guttural sounds. She is cautious with strangers but she adjusts quickly to their presence.


He is active, social, fond of listening to music and he can get along well with other children. He has mental developmental delay and postoperative left oblique inguinal hernia. He attends preschool but has some difficulties paying attention, however he will listen to someone close to him or someone he knows well.


She was brought to the orphanage only last August and has adjusted well to orphanage life. She is labelled as having low IQ. But she can speak in full sentences, understands directions, cares for her needs, helps out with the children younger than she is. She loves to play games and to go to school, and is generally a happy little girl.

Please pray for these children – pray for their daily needs and especially for a forever family to come for them. Do share their stories with all you know so that more will know about them and more can help. Consider also giving towards their adoption grants.

Please read other advocates’ blogs here and here.

Thank you.


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