Love Notes 2014… #04…

This is our 4th and final Love Notes post for this year. You can read Post#01, Post#02 and Post#03.

Love Notes are a gift you can buy for your loved ones and they will be able to choose which precious child they would like to bless with this gift – to grow their adoption grants. Bigger adoption grants would aid their forever families to reach them with less of a financial worry – adopting is an expensive affair, especially an international one. So please consider purchasing some Love Notes. Check out details here.

Today’s post will highlight some children with other special needs such as heart defects and blood disorders who need your help. Please click on their pictures or names to go to their profile pages for more information.

Lisa Marie

She is a newly-listed child and is 11 years old, which means she will have a little more than 2 years for her forever family to complete their paperwork and bring her home. She is a Hep B carrier and has a mild heart murmur. She is a sweet 5th grader who loves to jump and fan dance. Her favourite subject in school is Chinese Literature.


She is a lovely 11-year-old who has very complex heart conditions (discordant atrioventricular junction, corrigent transposition of magistral vessels, coronary-left ventricle fistula, complete atrioventricular heart block) and may have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. She ages out of her country’s adoption system in less than 5 years.


She smiles a lot and is very outgoing. She is 11 years old and is loved by the nannies whom she helps with cleaning the table, mopping the floor, making beds, folding clothes and feeding babies. She has a humpback but walks well and is only sometimes unstable in her walk. She has just a little over 2 years before she ages out of her country’s adoption system.


He is 10 years old and really needs a family to care for him. He has complex Congenital Heart Defects – cardianastrophe; left atrium structure in both sides; ASD; moderate back flow of common valve, double exit of right ventricle, pulmonary artery stenosis, and A-P fistula or window. His condition limits his activities but he is said to be a clever boy who enjoys reading and gets along well with others.


He is a 9-year-old boy who is talkative but can only use simple speech. He has Thalassemia which requires him to go for blood transfusions. This means he is missing a lot of school and is behind his peers. He has good self-management skills and is a good helper with the younger children.


He is 8 years old and has post-operative left inguinal hernia and a cyst of pellucid septal cave. He is extroverted and loves riding his bike as well as going for outdoor walks in summer. He is not afraid of strangers and can say hello to strangers on his own initiative. He likes to spend time with his friends and loves cartoons.


He is active 5-year-old who enjoys dancing to music and has a good sense of rhythm. He has Down Syndrome and Patent Ductus Arteriosus (Congenital Heart Defect). But his heart condition does not affect his daily life. He enjoys playing games with other children and likes to watch cartoons.


She is 5 years old and has Down Syndrome and congenital heart defect (Ventricle Septal Defect). She loves to play outside and is a good eater, and a little shy with strangers.


He is a 4-year-old cutie who has a complex heart defect: transposition of the great arteries, pulmonary stenosis, and an ASD and VSD. In 2013, he had surgery called a “right double-way Glenn operation”. He will require another surgery. He does not go to school because of his heart defect but is quite talkative although shy in front of strangers.


He is 3 years old and has Dextrocardia, which means his heart is on the right side instead of left and his lungs are on the left side instead of right. His heart condition has affected his development; his motor skills and speech are delayed. He is a curious little boy who needs a very special family who will help him get the surgery he needs.

Please consider giving one of these precious ones Love Notes and bless them. Do also pray for them, especially for their forever families to come for them. You can also help this process by sharing their stories with all you know.

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Thank you.


Love Notes 2014… #03…

This is Love Notes post #03. Check out Post #01 and Post #02.

You can learn more about Love Notes on the Reece’s Rainbow website. Basically, you can purchase Love Notes and give them as gifts to your loved ones. Your loved ones then chooses which special needs orphan on Reece’s Rainbow would be blessed with an increase in their adoption grant – this grant would help their forever family reach them faster when they come forward for the child.

Today’s post will highlight children with mental/developmental delays. Please click on their names or pictures to go to their profile page.


This 13-year-old needs to be adopted by September 2014! He will age out of his country’s adoption system at that time. He was found and brought to the orphanage when he was 8 years old. He has mental delays but has learnt to do simple chores and basic self-management. He loves sports and gets along well with other children.


He is now 12 years old and was found and brought to the institution when he was 8 years old. He has mental retardation but can help with basic chores and his language skills is improving. He is active, enjoys sports and likes playing with other children.


He is a shy boy with mild mental delays  and hydrocele who needs much encouragement. He is gifted in drawing and curious about new things. i believe he would simply blossom with a loving family giving him the support he needs.


He is an introverted child who was found and brought to the institute when he was 5 years old. He has learnt much since coming to the institution and can now do simple chores and learnt self-management skills. He gets along well with other children.


This is no photo for Caesar. We know that he is 10 years old and is diagnosed with developmental delays. He may also have symptoms of Autism. He is a kindhearted boy and does not bully other children.


She has Tuberous Sclerosis and cognitive delays, but her limb development is normal. She loves to sing, dance, play sports, listen to music, play games, watch cartoons, and listen to stories. She is a quiet girl who works hard and gets along with other children, even taking care of them.


He was abandoned when he was 10 months old and has mental development delay. Although his language is delayed, he gets along with other children and loves to be cuddled. He loves water play and can count to 10, imitate drawing circles and lines. He also recites poems and  sings nursery rhymes.


She is a cheerful and sociable girl who enjoys being with others. She has Down syndrome, congenital heart disease, hypothyroidism and mental delays. She enjoys pretty food and communicates  through gestures, cries and guttural sounds. She is cautious with strangers but she adjusts quickly to their presence.


He is active, social, fond of listening to music and he can get along well with other children. He has mental developmental delay and postoperative left oblique inguinal hernia. He attends preschool but has some difficulties paying attention, however he will listen to someone close to him or someone he knows well.


She was brought to the orphanage only last August and has adjusted well to orphanage life. She is labelled as having low IQ. But she can speak in full sentences, understands directions, cares for her needs, helps out with the children younger than she is. She loves to play games and to go to school, and is generally a happy little girl.

Please pray for these children – pray for their daily needs and especially for a forever family to come for them. Do share their stories with all you know so that more will know about them and more can help. Consider also giving towards their adoption grants.

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Thank you.


Love Notes 2014… #02…

This is our second Love Notes post. You can read the first one here.

What are Love Notes? They are a gift you can give to a loved one in February – the month of love, so that they may pass on this gift of love to those who need it most – in this case, special needs orphans listed on the Reece’s Rainbow website. The hope and prayer are that with bigger adoption grants, their forever families would be encouraged to step forward.

My posts will highlight some of these children whom you can bless. Today we are highlighting kids with some form of physical disability, such as Cerebral Palsy (CP) and Spina Bifida etc. Please click on their names/pictures to go to their profile pages.


We have almost no information about Dagmar except that he has Cerebral Palsy and moderate mental delays. He is now 15 years old which means he ONLY HAS 1 YEAR before aging out of the adoption system in his country. He reminds me so much for my dear Heath who is now home with his forever family. Please do share his story and bless him.


This sweet independent 10-year-old girl needs a family to support her through all the therapies she needs. She has Cerebral Palsy and high muscle tension in her legs. She has had surgery for the muscle tension. She attends school and is learning a lot. She understands what adoption means and has indicated that she would like to be adopted.


He is 10-years-old and walks with a limp due to his sequelae of Cerebral Palsy. He has had surgery for his Achilles tendon. He also has Thalassemia. He manages daily life well and gets good grades in school. He likes reading and drawing as well as kicking the football and riding the bike. He is said to be open and generous.


She is a timid 10-year-old who needs a loving family who could encourage her to take bigger steps in life. She has limited walking ability due to Cerebral Palsy. She speaks very little but enjoys interaction with other children. She also takes good care of her toys and has had some rehabilitation in 2011.


He is an active 10-year-old who enjoys watching TV, playing games and being with other children. He has Cerebral Palsy and extropia of both eyes. His ability to move about is good as is his intellect. He speaks slowly but he understands when spoken to.  He has good self-care abilities.


This energetic 10-year-old boy loves active play and sports with post-operative Spina Bifida. A volunteer at a camp he attended had this to say: “…shows potential of being independent and mature, compared to his age…” The volunteer also mentioned that he was abandoned but holds no resentment in his heart which is a reflection of a big heart.


He is 10-years-old and was born prematurely to a mother who used drugs. He has Severe Mental Developmental Delay, Mild Physical Disability, and Epilepsy. He takes Depakine, 4.5cc daily for his epilepsy. He has been through so many living situations and really needs the stability of a forever family!


8-year-old Gaspar has Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, both post-operative. An adoptive family has met him and says that he is a sweet boy who is very playful and engaging. He is also patient with his foster-sister (who was adopted by the family who met him). The family is willing to share what they know of him and life with Spina Bifida.


She is 7-years-old and has Cerebral Palsy. She is timid but doing well in physical therapy. She can walk, run and jump but does not talk yet. She can follow instructions given by adults but is still in diapers.  She needs a family who is dedicated to supporting her in her therapies and giving her the best shot in life.


He is a handsome 7-year-old who needs a family to love him just as he is. He has Cerebral Palsy (said to be mild) but is doing very well developmentally. He can run around and likes to play.

Do pray for these precious children. Pray for their daily needs, medical needs and especially for their forever families to come for them. Please also share their stories so that their forever families might see them. Also consider growing their adoption grants to ease the path to their forever families.

Please also see other advocates’ blog here.

Thank you very much.