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i have been praying and praying for a country i have never been to… for a country i took little notice of until now… i have posted almost daily on my Facebook about Ukraine and any news article i come across, asking people to pray with me.
i have been praying for Ukraine… why? Because Heath – my beloved Heath who is now with his forever family, he who introduced me into the world of special needs orphans, is from there. Because i now know friends who are living there, supporting their new Ukrainian friends on the ground. Because God moved my heart to.
Please pray along with me as this country works towards peace and a democratic, and just government.
Thank you.

Wide Awake Family

How to begin?  My heart is full to bursting with emotion, yet I feel almost embarrassed to write.  We are Ukrainian babies.  We’ve only lived here for a little over 3 months.  We only just started falling in love with Ukraine and her people in 2010.  What do we know of Ukraine?

There are missionaries who have lived here for decades.  They’ve given years and years of their lives to the Ukrainian people.  They’ve loved Ukraine for almost as long as I’ve been alive.  What do we know of Ukraine compared to them?  Not much.

Then there are the Ukrainian people themselves.  So many lived through the fall of the Soviet Union, were present when Ukraine found it’s independence, had their hopes built by the Orange Revolution, then hopes dashed when things did not improve- but only got worse.

photo 2

They know what it is to expect corruption.  They know what…

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