Love Notes 2014… #01…

It’s February – the month of LOVE!

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner. Now we are all familiar with the idea of giving Valentines; expressing your love to the special loved ones in your life.

Reece’s Rainbow is offering some real special for Valentine’s – you can give Love Notes this Valentine’s. Make that special gift extra special and give your loved ones the chance to give to children who have almost nothing in this world – special needs orphans. Check it out here! (This gift can be redeemed right through the whole of February.)

And to help you pick which child to bless this Valentine’s with a gift of love, i will be highlight 10 children with some special need or disability every 7 days for the whole of February.

Today please allow me to introduce 10 children with hearing/vision impairments. Listed by ages (oldest to youngest). Please click on each of their names/pictures to go to their profile pages.

Wesley has been waiting so long for his forever family.


i have been shouting out for my sweet Wesley for quite a while now. He is said to be sensible and polite and gets along well with others. He has albinism and related vision issues. He ages out August 2014 (when he is 14 years old), after which he will not have a chance at having a family anymore. We hope a bigger adoption grant would encourage a family to step forward for him.


Shane is also another boy we have been shouting out for some time now. He is an extroverted boy who loves to sing. He has albinism and related vision issues. He ages out August 2014 (at 14 years old) and if  not adopted by then, he will carry the label of orphan for the rest of his life. A little extra in his adoption grant would hopefully encourage a family to step forward for him.


My heart goes out to Danny. He has such a lovely smile. He is deaf (may have Hep B) and is said to be clever and outgoing. He is only available for adoption until August 2014 (he would be 14 at that time), after which he is not adoptable anymore. He is a newly listed child and needs as much exposure as possible so his forever family might find him.


Charlie is a talented and caring boy who is able to read Braille and has recently started using a cane to help him get around. He is a newly listed child and needs much exposure so that his forever family might find him. He ages out of the adoption system in July 2015.


Reid is an active child with a ready smile. He has albinism and related vision issues and is said to be a smart, lovely boy. He has been listed for a while now and still he waits for his forever family. He ages out of the adoption system in December 2015.


Lenny is deaf and knows sign language. He has a great sense of humor, is a gentleman and is very helpful. He is said to be very good with computers and likes cars. He will age out in June 2016.


Jason is an active boy who likes helping other kids. He has albinism and seems to have a sensitivity to light (mild vision issue). His mental development could be a little behind his peers. He will age out in October 2016.


Vanessa is a quiet girl who likes jumping on the trampoline and listening to music. She has albinism and prefers to play indoors due to her sensitivity to light (mild vision issue). She ages out in February 2017.


Andrew is a bright boy who is shy in front of strangers. He helps his foster-mother with the housework and is a good student. He has albinism with related vision issues which has not affected his daily life. He ages out in August 2017.


Richard has such an amazing smile! It is estimated that he is 9 or 10 years old. He is deaf, his carers believe that he could have some hearing. His hearing will have to be evaluated by a specialist once adopted.

Please consider growing the adoption grant of one of the above children or a few of them. Please do pray for them, for their daily needs and especially for a forever family to step forward for them. Do also share their stories with all you so that more people can help and somewhere out there their forever families might find them.

Please also visit other advocates’ blogs who are also shouting out for these precious ones – here and here and here.

Thank you.


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