Book Review: The World According to Bob by James Bowen…

theworldaccording2bob20140207So roughly 6 months after we read the first Bob book (that’s what it’s now known as in our home now), i have finished reading the second one (Tobias still has not read it yet cos i only bought one copy, there is no children’s edition for the second book).

And it is as good as the first one. It is still that same honest humble voice of James, simply telling you his adventures with Bob on the streets of London. This one is a little more reflective than the first, i feel.

The second book takes us from where the first left off (James was on his final step to being completely clean) through the next few months as they cope with being a bit more known, to the book (the first Bob book) coming out and how different people reacted to their new “status” as “stars”. It isn’t all sunshine and roses. And that is what is sad about it; that people can be so jealous of someone else’s good fortune as to be cruel and even try to take “legal” action against them.

My favourite parts are when Bob plays doctor and nurse to James. It is amazing how sensitive pets are to their owners’ health condition and what they try to do to help. (i won’t give more away.)

It ends on a happy note with both James and Bob looking forward to the future which is now a little brighter for each of them as they will always have each other.

So if you have read the first book, i recommend getting this one. If you have not read ‘A Street Cat Name Bob’, get both and enjoy!


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