It Has Started…

itshere2013… Christmas Angel Tree 2013!

This is my first year as an official Angel Tree (AT) Warrior!

What is Angel Tree? Well, it is a huge Christmas season awareness building and fundraising campaign which Reece’s Rainbow runs to show the world the precious children they (we) advocate for. These are special needs orphans who desperately need to know the love of a forever family.

Angel Tree runs from TODAY, 1st November till 31st December and the goal of each warrior is to shout out loud for the child they have picked or have been assigned and to raise US$1000 for that child! More details about the program itself here. Click here to see all the children on the list this year.

You can also purchase Angel Tree Dollars to give to family and friends as gifts and they can in turn do their part by picking a child from the above list to give to. This is a wonderful way to teach your kids about giving to those who have so much less than them. See details for Angel Tree Dollars here.

NOW here come the part i want FULL ATTENTION!!

Introducing my AT Child! JASPER!

Jasper, 12 years old, needs a loving family to care for him.
Jasper, 12 years old, needs a loving family to care for him.

He is such a sweetheart! This dear boy has such a sad sad past. He did know his family, he lived with them till they abandoned him at 8 years old!! Can you imagine the hurt he must have felt?! i can’t. My heart cries that he had to experience such pain. And why did his family leave him? Most likely because of his medical issues; maybe they could not afford to help him, maybe they thought he was a burden (we would never know) – he has Down Syndrome, un-descended testis and dental issues.

These medical issues would be no problem to a loving family who understood that he is not cursed, he is not sub-normal, he simply needs good medical care. But in his home country he would be ostracised! An outcast his entire life and likely never ever accepted into society.

So i am going to shout out loud for him! For a caring family to step up for him and love him just as he is! Because every child deserves to be loved and valued for who they are and not cast aside because they have treatable, manageable medical needs.

Please join me in helping more and more people learn about Jasper’s story. Please also give generously towards his adoption grant set up by Reece’s Rainbow here. Or click on his name / picture. Since his chances of being accepted in his home country is so low, a very expensive international adoption is his best chance at a forever family. So whatever head start we can give to encourage his future family would be a good thing.

You can also help by praying for Jasper, praying that he is well taken care of where he is now and that a forever family can be found for him during this Christmas Campaign.

i am preparing a special fundraiser to start in 2 weeks. So stay tuned!

Thank you very much.


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