Writing Frustration – That Is Where I Am At…

Yes i’m frustrated – i know where my story is going. i have wonderful characters who both like and hate each other. i have a plot. i have words on pages BUT… BUT…

i can NOT make the middle work! i need new scenes to tell the story BUT i don’t know how, what, who, where… sob! sob! sob!…

So i trawl the webpages i bookmarked, hoping for inspiration and came across, again, this wonderfully innovative way of getting through the frustration…

AAAARRRGGGHHH (Photo credit: Evil Erin)

Writing Frustration and A Creative Way to Push Through | JeanNicole Rivers.

Now it is not going to give me new scenes but it certainly felt good to give the frustration a voice…

Hey, maybe that’s what one of my characters can do… hmmm… there may be light at the end of the tunnel yet 😉


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