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i have joined up with a bunch of advocates and we have put up a huge online auction for our Christmas Angel Tree kiddos. My child is Jasper (Asia) – remember i introduced him about 10 days ago? Read here.

So what’s this auction about? It all about raising funds for these precious special needs orphans and about telling the world that they all need a loving family to care for them and help them through life.

Every advocate has posted items for the auction. Each item benefits a specific child. Participants simply have to bid on the items they would like to have and at the end (24th November) the highest bid gets the item and that amount goes to that specific kid’s adoption grant.

So i have posted 10 items on Adoption Auction’s Christmas Around the World album. i’m going to re-post those 10 items here so you will know at once which items will benefit my sweet Jasper. Of course, you can bid for any other items too. They all benefit a child in need so it’s all win-win.

Please hop over to this page and make a bid.

If you don’t have FB and would still like to make a bid, let me know (comment below) and i’ll ask the organisers if it is possible for me to place a bid on your behalf with your email address.

Or if you would like to simply contribute directly to Jasper‘s adoption grant, please click on his name and use the donate button on his profile page on Reece’s Rainbow. Remember if you give US$35, you get a lovely Christmas ornament with Jasper’s picture on it as a thank you.

So bid away! And do share this post with your friends. Thanks.


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