Introducing Jason and Jasper…

Now that both Shane and Wesley have forever families, (Praise the Lord!) we are ready to advocate and pray for other precious children. We have been praying about who for the last few days and have decided on… Jason and Jasper!


Jason is waiting for his forever family.
Jason is waiting for his forever family.

Jason, 11.5 year-old boy who has albinism and some burn scars on his leg/foot. He is outgoing and likes to help other kids. He is happy playing badminton and wants to be a car driver when he grows up. He is nervous around strangers but shows off his wonderful smile when he’s among friends.

Jason needs a forever family to step forward for him because in his home country being different colour in skin, like he is, is considered a curse so he will likely be shunned his entire life. That means no opportunities would be given to him, even if he does have skills. So his future lies outside of his home country, unfortunate but true, and this means an expensive international adoption.

Please do PRAY for Jason – pray for him to not give up hope on having a family. Pray that his daily needs are well taken care of. Most importantly, pray that his forever family will step forward for him as soon as possible. Do also SHARE his story with all you know so that more can help. You can read more about Jason here and also GIVE to his adoption grant here.


Jasper needs his forever family to step forward ASAP.
Jasper needs his forever family to step forward ASAP.

Jasper is 13 years old and is not new to us. We shouted out for him during Christmas Angel Tree 2013. Now he has just 10 months before he ages out of the adoption system in his home country.

He is born with Down Syndrome, un-descended testis and has some dental issues. He is active and an extrovert with good self-care skills, likes playing with toys. Very sadly, he was abandoned at 8 years old. We don’t know why and we may never know. The important thing is that NOW he needs a FAMILY!

Please join us in shouting out for Jasper – SHARE his story with everyone you know so that more can help. Do also PRAY for him, for his daily needs and for his forever family to come for him ASAP. You can also GIVE towards his adoption grant here and read more about him here.

We also advocate for these boys on this Facebook Page. There will be fundraisers and awareness campaigns coming up. Do join us over there.

Thank you very much.


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