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i read a blog-post on Rage Against the Minivan entitled ” You Don’t Need to Adopt to Care For Orphans.” and she is absolutely right! You don’t have to adopt to show that you care and want to help. The post list wonderful ways you can help, please go over, have a read and consider making some of those suggestions a part of your life.

Today i want to take just one of those suggestions and expand on it a little more:

Consider adopting a teen who is aging out – There is something profoundly heartbreaking in reading the photo-listings of children who have turned 18 and who, despite being old enough to live independently, place themselves on national photo-listings because they desperately want a family. Many of these teenagers have college plans or career aspirations and are really looking for the moral support of a family as they enter adulthood. Everyone deserves to have a consistent place to land for the holidays, rituals, and celebrations in life. Maybe you have that to give.

She is talking from the viewpoint of domestic adoptions within the US, but i would like to ask you to consider the teen orphans who are in countries where their abilities and worth are in doubt simply because they have some form of special needs.

These teens have spent most of their lives in an orphanage or institution. It is uncertain if they are given an education but regardless, they will never get the opportunities they deserve, they will never be fully accepted into the society they are born into because of their special needs such as Down Syndrome, limb disability, mental delays etc.

They deserve to know that they are valued, just as they are. They need the support of a loving family to help them through the difficulties of their special needs. They want a caring mummy and daddy to call their own. They should be given the opportunities to show off what they are truly capable of.

Please allow me to introduce:


She has ONLY A FEW WEEKS (before end of June 2013) before she ages out of the system! We need a miracle here for her to have a family of her own. She has Down Syndrome and physical and mental delays. But she is said to be expressive with body language and is  kind and sincere.

Are you her forever family? If yes, please contact Reece’s Rainbow immediately for details.


He is an active, friendly and affectionate child. He likes to play with and greet people. He enjoys cleaning and keeping a room tidy and is sensitive to the needs of others. He has Down Syndrome. He would do wonderfully in a loving family. He has till July 2013 (less than 2 months) to find a family.

Are you that loving family? If yes , please contact Reece’s Rainbow at once for details.


He has an amazing smile, don’t you think? He is extroverted in character, and is an active and lovely child. His temper is very obstinate. He gets along well with children in his institute and likes playing games with other children, swinging and playing football. He is well-loved by those who know him. He suffers from an absence of left frontal skull bone and dyskinesia of right limbs. He has until September 2013 (less than 4 months) to have a family of his own. Matthew has a VERY large grant available through Lifesong, as well!

Could you be the family to love him just as he is? If yes, please contact Reece’s Rainbow asap for details.


She has been at the institute since her infancy. She has been diagnosed with aural atresia of both ears, auricle deformity, and delays in intelligence and growth development. But she is still fairly independent and is also able to help with chores such as sweeping the floor. Her language development is limited, but she can say goodbye to others and can understand gestures. She is a sweet girl who likes to be cuddled and enjoys playing with her good friends. She ages out in November 2013 (less than 6 months).

Could you be her family? If yes, please contact Reece’s Rainbow without delay for details.


She has delayed development and amyotrophy of the left lower limb. Her mental, motor and language and emotional abilities are delayed. She can walk alone, her gait is abnormal. She likes to play games, obeys the rules, and can get along well with others. She needs a family who understands that she is very delayed in many aspects of her life, including behavior. She needs a family to come for her by January 2014 (less than 8 months).

Are you that understanding family? If yes, please contact Reece’s Rainbow promptly for details.

These young teens live in a country where adoptions are not commonplace and adoption of a special needs child is rare and adoption of an older special needs child is almost unheard of! So an international adoption is likely the best way for them to have a forever family.

Here is where you can help even if you are not able to adopt:

  • You can share their stories far and wide so that their forever families may be found. Time is of the essence here! Social media sharing is one of the best ways to do this.
  • You can pray for them. Pray very hard that their forever family be courageous and step forward for them today. Pray that their daily and medical needs be met.
  • You can give towards their adoption grants so that their forever family’s very expensive international journey to them would have fewer hurdles. Click on their pictures or names to go to their individual profile page to donate.

Thank you.


PS: there are a few other children in Eastern Europe who are also aging out. Please view details here.

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