Why Adopt Special Needs Children…

i have been advocating for special needs adoption for almost 18 months now. It has been a wonderful journey filled with lots of heartache, tears but also with joy and miracles. And of course the question in the title has been asked of me as well (even though i am not adopting – yet…).

i came across this video and felt that it answered quite a few of aspects of the why… take a look and then read what else i have to say about this…

In the video, Elizabeth speaks about the fate of children who age out of the adoption system in their country. She speaks of how when they are shown the door at 16. They have no money, no family, no friends, little skills or education to help them survive outside of the institute-environment. My heart absolutely breaks when she speaks about post-orphan stats from Russia… 20% commit suicide in under 2 years, 20% become prostitutes, 30% harden criminals, 10% in prisons…

Sweet Wesley has been waiting so very long for his forever family.
Sweet Wesley has been waiting so very long for his forever family.

i have been advocating for Wesley since last November and i know he also faces similar odds. Although Wesley‘s home country does not have such post-orphan stats, you can read this article which briefly describes what may happen to him if he is not adopted. His chance for a family is lost much earlier than 16, he will age out at 14 years old which means he has less than 15 months to be adopted.

You may look at his condition (albinism and vision problems) and think, “That’s not too bad. And he looks to be ok in the photo, quite well-taken care of, yes? He would likely find a job, right?”.

Sure, maybe if he was living in a different country. You have to understand that he sticks out like a sore-thumb in his country because of his skin colour. His vision problems will be a major issue even if he tries getting the jobs which are normally for the very lowly educated. He will not be accepted by the society he has been born into, in fact, some people from his country would consider him cursed even. (Which i believe is a contributing factor to him being abandoned at age 6.) And his government would only provide him food, clothing and shelter for just a few more years before he has to fend for him in this cold world, with almost no education or skills.

So you see, the odds are indeed against Wesley. Unless a family steps forward for him. Unless, like Elizabeth and Eric, some loving couple (or a caring mum) answers yes to God’s call to bring him into their home.

Are you the family who would answer YES and trust God to provide everything else to bring Wesley into your home? To care and love him for who he is? To support and provide him with opportunities he would otherwise never have? If you answered yes, then please contact Reece’s Rainbow for more details.

Not everyone is called to adopt. BUT everyone can help. (i will write more about that tomorrow).

Here’s how you can help Wesley:

  1. You can share his story far and wide so that through your sharing, somehow, his forever family might find him.
  2. You can pray for him. Pray for his daily needs, pray for his future and most importantly pray that God gives courage to a caring family to step up for him.
  3. You can also help to grow his adoption grant which would ease the journey his forever family would have in reaching him. As i mentioned above, acceptance of his condition is rare in his home country so an expensive international adoption would be his chance for a family. You can contribute by clicking on his name or picture to get to his profile page.

You can go here to read what another advocate has to say about Wesley.

Thank you.


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