Running Day At School…

… otherwise known as Sports Day when i was little.

So a few days ago it was Running Day at Tobias’ school.

Apparently, the local Gym/Sports Club (Turnverein) used to host these runs yearly. Then it stopped and this year with support from the local government and the school, they have started it up again.

As suggested by the German name, the only sports was running. All the kids from the school as well as Kindergarten and playgroup in the village were invited to run.

The race lanes. The first race with the playground kids - so adorable!
The race lanes. The first race with the playground kids – so adorable!

After some technical delays, we were up and running (yes, pun intended and yes, very corny). Tobias ran against his schoolmates from the same school year. i was too busy trying to catch a good photo to take note which place he came in. But some of the girls from his class told me he was 4th or 5th, which is good, considering he has not run in a race before.

That serious concentrated  look!
That serious concentrated look!

Interestingly, in between some of the races and before the final prize-giving ceremony, we were treated to some gymnastic dance. i was surprised to find out that there were even national competitions. The group at the end had won a national competition last year (i think – i couldn’t quite hear the announcer clearly.).

Gymnastic Dance Exhibition...
Gymnastic Dance Exhibition…
Enjoying cheering his friends on...
Enjoying cheering his friends on…
At the final prize-giving ceremony...
At the final prize-giving ceremony…

Drinks and sausage were also served (we had to buy them) and that kept hungry tummies happy. All in all, it was quite an enjoyable evening.


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