Knowing the Love of a Family…

Today has been a sad day. Little Teresa, whom i had been praying for and had posted here to ask people to pray along with me, has left us to be with Our Heavenly Father.

While it is sad that she is no longer with us physically, we rejoice that she is at peace and with Our Lord. We also celebrate the fact that although she only had a very short time (about 3 years) with her adopted family, she had a wonderful time and had known the love of a family and did not have cross over into Heaven alone. Her family stood by her every step of the way, loving her, caring for her, praying for her, and held her hand till the end of her journey here on earth.

Please continue to stand by her family in prayer as they process this loss and celebrate the memories of sweet Teresa.

Now i’m going to ask you to look ahead… that’s right, AHEAD… i know that Teresa would approve.

In loving memory of Teresa, would you help another little orphan girl find her forever family?

Lively Devora is waiting for her forever family.

Meet Devora. She seems to have the same spunk as Teresa. She is said to be creative and eager. She loves to have her head rubbed and enjoys being tickled. She has HIV and is mentally delayed. Her speech and mobility is not developed.

But these have not stopped her. Devora can be quite mischievous too; hiding her arms in her sweatshirt, waiting for you to come find them. Her giggles are said to be heart-melting. But she is also content with something as simple as a spiky ball and is quite happy as long as she is playing in her bed or her chair.

Don’t you think she sounds like a lovely little girl? Now if she has a family who would show her the wonders of a family’s love, she would most definitely thrive. A family who would help her in therapy may even see her becoming a chatterbox and a little runner. The wonderful things the love of a family can achieve.

Are you that family who could help Devora reach for the stars? If yes, please contact Reece’s Rainbow for more information.

Even if you are not called to adopt, you can still help.

You can share Devora‘s story in hopes that her forever family would see her and come forward for her.

You can also pray for Devora‘s daily needs to be met and for her forever family to step up.

Contributing to her adoption grant is another way to help her forever family reach her faster when they do come for her. Devora‘s best chances are an international adoption as domestic adoption of special needs children are quite few in her country. An international adoption is very very expensive so whatever amount you can give would help. Please click on her name or picture to go to her profile page to donate.

Thank you.


No Fancy Words…

That’s right. i have no fancy words or story for you today. Just a simple plea.

Little Wendy needs a loving family to help her through life.

Please see little Wendy. i mean truly SEE! See her fighting spirit, see her beautiful soul, see how much she needs a family to help her through life.

Wendy was born too early. How long exactly has she been at the orphanage? i’m not sure but i would not be surprised if it has been her entire life; 7  long years! She faces being sent to an adult mental institution if she doesn’t find a family asap.

Can you imagine hearing those strange noises of people banging their heads, rocking themselves so hard they fall off the chair, people screaming for sheer boredom, people self-comforting by slapping themselves? Hearing all that while unable to see at all? Having to deal with CP without any help? Given the bare minimum to survive because that is all that is available?

That’s what Wendy faces if she is not adopted soon.

Her carers at her orphanage love her and i know they would love for her to have a family; a family who would love her just as she is, who would show her such care so that she no longer has to fight to live, a family who would be able to provide her educational opportunities she would never have in her home country, a family who work with her on therapy treatments, a family who would be proud of her, just because she is her.

Are you that family? If yes, please contact Reece’s Rainbow for details on how to adopt her.

Even if you feel you can not be her family, you can still help:

  • You can share her story on social media so that her forever family might see her and come for her.
  • You can pray for her daily needs, pray that she is able to stay at the orphanage till her forever family comes for her, pray that she stays strong, pray that her forever family steps forward real soon.
  • You can also give towards her adoption grant to ease the very expensive journey her forever family would have to take to bring her home. You can click on her name or picture to go to her profile page to donate.

You can read another Teamwork Tuesday post about Wendy here. Thank you very much.


Disability Does Not Mean Inability…

If you look up the word ‘disability’ on (i did), you will find an interesting entry under Synonyms:

…disability is some disqualifying deprivation or loss of power, physical or other:…  Inability is a lack of ability, usually because of an inherent lack of talent, power…

Disqualifying deprivation,  loss of power, a lack of ability, inherent lack of talent… such sad words… i would contest lumping ‘disability’ together with ‘inability’!

To me, ‘disability’ simply means one aspect or a few aspects of a person’s many abilities is not complete or is not functioning to its fully extend. ‘Inability’, on the other hand, to me, means the person is completely unable to or even unwilling (frozen by fear?)to try to do whatever it is the ‘ability’ refers to.

In the light of that view, would you please see Oberon and see his ABILITIES!

6.5 years old and needing a family to help him along in life.

He is able to walk, run.. He can play with toys, is sociable and helpful. He is cheerful and lively. He is sweet and peaceful. He sounds just like a normal little boy.

Well, he does have one disability – he is profoundly deaf. He can not hear human speech. He may be able to hear loud sounds but human speech has never reached his ears. He has what is called stage 4 deafness.

But does this mean he doesn’t have the ability to live life to its fullest? Does this mean he can’t learn or eventually have a job? Does this mean he has no future?

At the moment, where he is, no future is looking to be a real possibility. He lives in a country which does not have good support for people such as him. He is not valued by the society he lives in. Therefore he has to live in an institute.

But deaf people can succeed in life when given the right form of education and given the opportunity to learn and shine! i know – i have seen it happen.

So please look pass his disability and see his ABILITIES!

Can you imagine Oberon in your home? Being part of your family? If yes, please contact Reece’s Rainbow to find out more about the adoption process.

Even if you are not ready to adopt, you can still help the world know about Oberon and his abilities. You can use social media and share his story with everyone you know so that his forever family might be found.

You can also pray for Oberon, pray for his daily need, pray that his forever family steps up for him real soon.

You can also help to grow Oberon‘s adoption grant, which at the moment is very small. As the society he lives in can not and is not ready to accept and support him, his chances for an education and a full life lay across the seas in a country which can and will. So this means international adoption, a ridiculously expensive adoption process. So please help ease his forever family’s way to him. Give whatever you feel led to give. Click on his name or picture to go to his profile page to donate.

Here’s another blog post about Oberon.

Thank you.