Don’t Be a Resolution Writer…

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Some of you know that i was hit by the writing bug a few years ago when a friend introduced me to Nanowrimo.

i have always been an avid reader and have always loved the world of words; words are very important to me; i love how they can convert an idea, share an emotion, flesh out a character, reveal a secret, paint a picture, create an entire world and so much more.

Nanowrimo made me realise how much i liked to write as well. So i made a resolution to keep writing. Unfortunately, it remained a resolution. i have written in the last 3 Nanowrimos but can’t seem to keep up with writing daily or weekly or monthly or even with finishing any of the stories i have started writing.

i have, however, started following quite a few writing blogs and one of them is The Write Practice. And this recent post, Don’t be a resolution writer, made me sit up and think hard. And i know i am just that, a resolution writer.

It’s the days that don’t inspire that separate an in-shape writer and an unhealthy writer.

So i have been an unhealthy couch-potato writer, sitting in front of my computer reading about writing and about other writers instead of actually putting words down on to paper or in these days, in file.

Why? i was tired, sick, not inspired, too hot, too cold, stressed, too late, too early, wrong music, didn’t feel like it etc… If i am honest, the simple answer is that i have an ideal in my head about how/when i would write; i was waiting for the so-called perfect circumstances to meet that unstoppable inspiration.


“A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper.”

The Write Practice is so right! The will of the writer needs to prevail!

And these are  the points i will bear in mind on days i don’t “feel” like writing:

  1. Calling yourself a writer is a privilege that many wish to do, but never will. When that privilege is understood, you’ll take a new approach to your writing.
  2. Look at those times you don’t feel like writing as gifts to practice – like swinging a weighted bat before stepping up to the plate.
  3. Writers write. If it’s who you are, you won’t be able to make any decision other than to write.

So i am writer (not amateur writer, simply writer) and therefore i will write!


PS: i’m thinking of posting snippets of what i write… sometimes, not all the time, to keep me on track, accountable so to speak. Would that be a good idea?

5 Replies to “Don’t Be a Resolution Writer…”

  1. Sounds good. It is a hard transition to make to call yourself a writer…but we are, and we shouldn’t be ashamed of that. Say it loud and proud.


      1. Oh Char, you are so kind. i do what i can, i’m sure you do too. In fact, i know you have, you have supported my fundraisers with prayers & practically too… thank you…


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