Heath Has A Family!!!

Yesterday at about 10.30pm, i was (still am) the happiest person on this earth! i found out that my precious beloved little Heath has a family coming for him!

See that red circle with the red arrow pointing to it? Those words made me so very happy!
See that red circle with the red arrow pointing to it? Those words made me so very happy!

Meet the Drake family. They are homestudy approved and have committed to him! And because God had worked the miracle of bringing in the funds before He brought in the family, they are fully funded! At least for the paperwork and travel required by Heath’s home country. i don’t know yet if they will need to do some fundraising to cover the expenses of the paperwork and medicals they have to do stateside. You can follow their journey at their blog.

The Drake family are coming for Heath! Hurray!
The Drake family are coming for Heath! Hurray!

What you can do now is to pray, pray for them as they prepare to receive another child into their home, pray their children to be ready for a new brother and pray Heath’s heart to be ready for a life-changing experience. Pray also that their process will be smooth and without any hurdles so they can reach Heath faster. Pray for Heath’s health, pray that he remains healthy while waiting, pray that his daily needs are met.

Praise the Lord! i’m soooo very happy that my little Heath will soon have a mummy and daddy and brothers and sister to call his very own. ๐Ÿ˜€


PS: i was so excited to post this blogpost that i didn’t realise maybe some people may not understand the significance or how important this little guy is to me. He was the one my heart broke into pieces for (i first saw him in this post), he was the one i wanted to bring home so very badly, he was the one who led me into the world of special needs orphans and international adoption, he was the one God used show me what was the work He had for me at this time… and it has been 13 months and 4 days since i came to know about Heath and that is why this is the most joyous news to me. ๐Ÿ˜€

4 Replies to “Heath Has A Family!!!”

  1. I’m so happy for Heath! My prayers and best wishes and hopes go out to the Drake family for giving this little angel a loving family. Thanks for sharing this exciting awesome news, Sandra.


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