Day 35: Libby for the Vanchura Family… Forty to Forever…

Today at Forty to Forever we are supporting a very special family… the Vanchuras are bringing Libby home. But they were originally supposed to bring Mac home but laws in his home country changed and it has left his adoption hanging. The Vanchuras have chosen not to be idle but to continue the work God has given them and to give another little sweetheart the love she so richly deserves… please help them meet those last expenses to bring her home…
Today’s Lent Devotion is so appropriate just after Palm Sunday… it speaks about praising God and how the Psalms are a great help and suggest that we make praise a part of our daily devotions… so go over have a read and get praising… syc

Forty Days to Forever

Our Goal is to raise $400 for Libby… $118 to go! 

Today we were supposed to be raising money for Vanessa for the Abell family.  This time is bittersweet for so many reasons.  It is bitter because Vanessa’s adoption has had to be put on hold until Russia reopens to international adoption.  It’s tragic, because Vanessa must now still wait for her family… so much longer than is necessary.  No child should have to wait to be loved.  Heartbreakingly bitter… but it is also sweet.  God turns even the worst situations into opportunity for great good.

The Abell family was gracious in their time of grief.  They chose to bless another family while their adoption is temporarily on hold.  The Vanchura family also understands the pain of needing to give their child into the hands of God while they wait for their son’s country to reopen.  They are also allowing…

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