i am broken-hearted… These children need us… they need someone to show them love, to show them that there are people who care for them, that their world should not be endless day after endless day of nothing… please read and help in whatever small way you can… my heart in particular goes out to Heath… if my situation allowed, i would be there to take him out of that institution and home with us… but all i can do for now is to let the world know that he exists and he needs help and pray that our good Lord will bring him a loving family who will care and shower him with love and attention he so badly needs, may our Lord Jesus Christ himself and His angels attend to Heath’s needs (in every aspect) till that loving family can reach him…
Read also http://covenantbuilders.blogspot.com/search/label/Lost%20Boys
where you can read about how one family managed to save one of these little ones…

Joy in the Moments

Valentine’s Day is coming up…a time to celebrate love.  Today I’m turning the floor over to my friend, Aubrey, for a guest post on how to spread that love in a way that will make a difference to those in need.  Take it away, Aubrey.

Reece's Rainbow 2012-p005

This February millions of dollars will be spent on candy, cards, or flowers.  Within days, these gifts will be forgotten or thrown away.  Much like these gifts, hundreds of children around the world have been forgotten and “thrown away” based solely on the fact that they have Down Syndrome.

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