Not Limited…

This month, the Teamwork Tuesday bloggers are focusing on Congenital Heart Disease/Defect (CHD). And i told them, “This is my month.”, because i have VSD (Ventricle Septal Defect); i was born with it.

In my last TT (Teamwork Tuesday) post, i wrote about how blessed i am to have wonderful parents who took such great care of me.

Today i want you to know that having a CHD isn’t a limiting thing. If anything, i was never limited by my condition; i was an extremely active child, still am a fairly active adult. i’m constantly going somewhere, doing something. The only limit my condition as placed on me is that i can never scuba dive; which i would have loved to as i grew up on stories of my father’s diving adventures. Competitive sports are also out but i’m not so big into sports.

Sweet 6.5year old Daisy needs a loving family to help her get the best out of life.

Daisy isn’t limited by her Congenital Heart Disease either, nor is she limited by her Cerebral Palsy. She arrived at the institution when she was about 2 years, not walking, not speaking and very thin. But with proper care, she gained weight, learnt to speak and within a year she was taking her first steps.

Now Daisy needs a loving family to take her the rest of the journey to a fulfilling and opportunity-filled life. Are you that family? If you feel your heart beating a little faster for this dear one, then do contact Reece’s Rainbow to find out more.

Even if you are not meant to be her forever family, you can help her. You can pray for her, pray for her health and her daily needs. You can share her story far and wide so that her forever family might find her.

You can also donate to her adoption grant (which by the way is so very very low at the moment). A bigger adoption grant get her more notice and help her forever family reach her faster. Please click on her picture or name to go to her profile to donate.

Thank you.


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