Enter the Giveaway… Forty to Forever…

Forty to Forever Fundraising Campaign started yesterday (13th Feb)… don’t worry if you missed it – there are still 39 orphans to help… please do go over & take part… Thank you very much.

Forty Days to Forever

***If this is your first time visiting – Start here***

Today is day 39 of our 40 day campaign to raise $20,000 for 40 orphans!  Today we are raising money for Johanna.  You can enter to win your choice of forty prizes and help us reach our goal by following the steps below!  Thank you for joining us in our effort to care for the orphan!

Today your gift will go to help Johanna’s family bring her home.

Read more about Johanna here.

*How to Enter*

1. Share our giveaway and/or donate.
2. Go here to pick which giveaway you want to enter. (There are 39 to choose from!)
3. Leave a comment below so we know how you entered AND which prize you want to win.
(or email us at: fortytoforever@gmail.com)
4. You will earn entries toward your chosen prize and an equal amount of entries into our Grand…

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