You Need to Know…

… if you have been around me for some time or if i think i would be in constant contact with you on a regular basis, i would eventually tell you something about me by starting with, “You need to know something about me… i have a hole-in-my-heart, a leaky heart. You need to know in case i get into an accident and you are with me, you need to tell the medical people about this if i can’t. It is called a VSD.”

A VSD is a Ventricular Septal Defect, which in layman terms means i have a hole in the wall of my heart between the two ventricular chambers. How does this affect me? Practically, it doesn’t affect my day-to-day life but it does mean that my heart does have to do more work as my blood is never fully oxygenated as the de-oxygenated blood and oxygenated blood mixes with each pump of the heart muscles.

But i am fortunate – my hole is considered medium-sized but with a flap of flesh covering it, it does not need to be operated on. i am also blessed to have parents who care so wonderfully for me; taking me to the specialist every year, to doctors who treat me and measure my heart’s performance to make sure all is well, even though it costs extra and they did not earn much.

Sweet Lilly awaits a family to help her through life.

Little Lilly is not so fortunate. She is an orphan; given up for reasons we can not be sure of. But i suspect that one of the reasons would be her need for medical care and the family’s inability to provide that care; she has Down Syndrome. And like many children with Down Syndrome, she has a heart defect (we are not told what exactly is the defect). And it seems that it is serious enough to need medical attention but she is not getting it where she is now.

Lilly needs a family who would love her, just as she is; not mobile, not speaking BUT with a precious smile. She needs a family who would make sure she gets the medical care that she needs so that she can live life to the fullest. Click on her name or picture for more details.

Are you her family? If you believe you are, do contact Reece’s Rainbow for details. Right now, Reece’s Rainbow can only help Canadians with agencies working in this child’s region at this time.

You may not be her forever family but you can still help.

You can share her story so that her adoptive family might find her.

You can pray for her. Pray for her daily needs to be met; pray for her forever family to come and bring her home.

You can also contribute to her adoption grant at Reece’s Rainbow so that her forever family’s journey to her would be easier (International Adoptions are just so very expensive). Click on her name or picture to donate.

Thank you.


5 Replies to “You Need to Know…”

    1. Not when i was younger – now it seems time has caught up with my body 😉 i do tired more easily now but i think it’s age more than my condition – hahhaaa… i do feel the cold more than other people cos of poorer circulation… and i can’t do competitive sports but other than that, i’m fine… you won’t know if i didn’t tell you 😉


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