Looking Beyond…

Meet Angelina.

This sweetie needs a family. Would you be able to help?

She is an orphan in Eastern Europe. According to her file, she has the following health issues:

Congenital dysfunction, myelocele of lumbosacral part of spinal cord (had surgery); internal hydrocephalus, flail legs with dysfunction of pelvis/hips, delay of psychological development.

Sounds overwhelming?

But her medical conditions do not define her! She is not spina bifida and the dysfunctions it brings, she is not psychological delay. NO. She is simply a little kid who needs a loving mummy and daddy to help her work around and work with her health conditions and live a full life despite of these medical issues.

If we were defined by our problems, if God only saw our problems, none of us would be here today.

So please look beyond her various conditions and see the little girl who can blossom under the attentive, loving care of a wonderful family. Look into her eyes and see that she can have a great future with a family willing to support and encourage her.

Do you see her? Is she your little girl? Do you feel your heart beat a little faster? If so, do contact Reece’s Rainbow for details about adopting her.

Even if you can’t or don’t feel adopting is the way for you, you can still pray for her; for her daily needs and definitely for her forever family to step forward.

You can also help her by giving towards her adoption grant so that a lack of funds would not be the reason she can’t have  a family. You can click on her name or picture to go to her profile page to donate.

Thank you.


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