24 Hours…

… without child and without husband… so what did i do?

Wait, before i get to that, i didn’t dump them somewhere and go off gallivanting by myself. Husband was away on work trip and son had been invited to a sleepover at his best friend’s. So there i was… all alone for a full 24 hours over Friday evening till Saturday evening!

At first i couldn’t decide what to do; should i go watch a movie? Should i do some shopping? Should i work on the computer? Maybe blog a little? Catch up on emails?

Loving my newly organised craft boxes!
Loving my newly organised craft boxes!

Well, i decided in the end that it would be a good opportunity to catch up on emails (which i had left pretty much unread since November 2012) and i also worked on my craft stuff. After all, if i’m to start a new venture with this craft thing, i had better start making stuff so i have something to showcase and sell, right?

And that’s what i did and it was strangely satisfying to see no new emails in my inbox (at least in two of three inboxes) and it felt wonderful to finish 3 pieces of craft.

Boring! Some might say. i should have gone out and had a ball. But i have mellowed over the years (yes, admitting age here) and i’m starting to realise mellow isn’t half bad…

And who says trying to launch something new isn’t exciting! So stay tuned for news of the craft store! (Fingers crossed and working hard, it may be only a couple of months till launch!)


PS: i did have some crazy fun… stayed up till 4am in the morning watching movies and slept in till almost 11am… omg, unheard of since i can’t even remember when! 😉

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